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119 page workbook written by Carlene Jones

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Fat Brain Lies pdf file for $9.99

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I wrote Fat Brain Lies in 2009 and published it under our ObeseMe name. Originally it was an interactive e-book but that format became obsolete and I turned it into a pdf file. The best way to use this pdf workbook is to print it out so you can write in it. Although written in 2009, every line is still relevant.

The book is about facing the Fat Brain Lies we tell ourselves that keep us obese. It is not advocating raw food or Raw Food Boot Camp. It explores the reasons your diets do not succeed. The blocks you put up in your life to ensure those diets don’t succeed.

It is set up in a workbook format to make you think about the truths and to put them down so you can’t skim over them. The workbook is 119 pages long, 124 with cover, Table of Contents, etc.

I am a firm believer in a whole foods low fat, low sugar, low sodium vegan diet for optimal health. But first, before you can succeed on any diet, especially ours at Raw Food Boot Camp, you have to be ready to change. Ready to accept that changes need to be for life and most importantly that you really want to rid yourself of the fat suit.

Fat Brain Lies is more for preparing yourself for finding the right diet and exercise plan for you. One that you will do because in the end doing nothing and staying obese is the worse plan for all of us.

Here is a copy of the Introduction, Table of Contents and first few pages:

Fat Brain Lies Workbook


The Fat Brain Lies workbook is designed for obese men and women to take a hard look at what has kept them from obtaining and maintaining a healthy body weight by taking a reality check and exposing what is fact and what is fat brain fiction when it comes to making daily choices where their weight and food is concerned.

Although I am known for Raw Food Boot Camp® and helping women achieve fast weight loss with a simple low fat raw food diet, this workbook is intended to help anyone who is serious about taking control of their life and beating obesity regardless of the diet chosen.

I have worked with hundreds of women and have found this one truth to be absolute: The only ones who succeed are the ones who approach the program knowing they are ready and will do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

This workbook is designed to help you get to that place before you embark on one more diet or convince yourself only drugs or surgery will work. Give yourself a week or more to work through the workbook. If you are honest in your answers to this workbook, that magic pill you have hunted for all these years may just be found—in you! Take the initiative to beat obesity with the only weight loss methods you can trust: food, exercise, and attitude.

I am not a medical, mental health or fitness professional, just a woman who found a way to beat obesity and who has worked with many others to do the same. As with all medical and exercise programs, consult your physician before proceeding. No information in this workbook is presented as medical advice and should not be taken as such.


Table of Contents

Meet Your Fat Brain

Fat Brain Lie: – It Isn’t So Bad Being Obese

Assignment 1: Your real weight

Assignment 2: How Obese Are You?

Assignment 3: Take a Good Look

Assignment 4: Taking Stock

Assignment 5: Your Health Risk


Extra Credit

Fat Brain Lie – I Do Not Overeat

Assignment 1: Setup Your FitDay Account

Assignment 2: Negligible Calories

Assignment 3: Quantity of Food You Eat

Assignment 4: The Will Always Overeat List

Assignment 5: Maintenance Calories

Assignment 6: Healthy Food Can Make You Fat


Extra Credit

Fat Brain Lie – I Have a Slow Metabolism

Fat Brain Lie – Diets Do Not Work

Assignment 1: Why You Quit Diets

Assignment 2: Finding the Real Reasons


Extra Credit

Fat Brain Lie – I Hate or Cannot Exercise

Fat Brain Lie – I Cannot Change

Assignment 1: Previous Changes

Assignment 2: Your Accomplishments

Assignment 3: Untapped Strength

Assignment 4: Scenarios

Assignment 5: Breaking the Lie


Extra Credit

Plan of Action for Change

Final Words from Carlene


Meet Your Fat Brain

How often has that little voice inside your head told you to take that one little bite, that one bite won’t matter and you can make up for it tomorrow? How often has it told you that yet another diet in the desire to be thin is not right for you, that it is too hard, too costly, too much work? How often has it told you that you will never succeed? How often has it said you will never be thin so either go get surgery or give up?

That is your fat brain talking, telling you exactly what you want to hear, because, face it, failing is so much easier than succeeding.

Hundreds of women have come through Raw Food Boot Camp® but only a select few have reached their goals and lost over a hundred pounds. Why is that? In the beginning, I didn’t understand this. I thought if I showed the world a diet that worked as fast as weight loss surgery without the risk, the obese would flock toward it, embrace it and together we would change the world for the obese forever...that was my delusional brain talking! One of the things I learned, and I will admit it was the hard way, was that most obese people would rather be obese than stand up to themselves when it comes to food and exercise.

That in fact, their fat brain was their closest friend. The one stable, comforting source in their lives, the one who understood them and did not have any expectations from them. Unconditional love. Eat and be merry, hide and be unseen, not trying is better than failing or being rejected. Ah, how that fat brain has served us over the years.

Unfortunately, we are being seduced by lies. It isn’t until we face the fact that our first love is our fat, and that like all abusive lovers it means to control and confine us to ensure we never meet our full potential or step out on our own. It takes courage, a lot of courage to walk away from this fat brain and to reach out for a new lover: our thin brain.

Get ready to face yourself and look honestly at what you want and what you are willing to do to get it. Until you do, there is no sense pretending you are going to succeed on any diet.

But our thin brain is elusive and weak. It has no winning experience, so therefore has no backbone. Throughout our lives, whenever it would emerge, the fat brain came out with a mallet and slammed away. Our thin brain did what all overwhelmed combatants do, it ran away with the hopes that it could regroup and fight another day. So there it sits, hoping for reinforcements, hoping for winning strategies, and waiting for orders from you to try again.

I am sorry for the metaphors, but when it comes to beating the fat brain, it really is a battle and it takes planning, guile, courage and strength to win. But with all enemies, to beat it, you must understand it. That is the purpose of this workbook. Together let’s expose that fat brain for all it’s dastardly ways and find the right tools to whittle away at it until it is too weak to stand up against your thin brain.


Fat Brain Lies                                                                                                                                                  1

Is it too hard to believe it could happen for you? Well believe it. If you really want to be thin for life then you will send your thin brain back into battle again and again and again regardless of how tired, weak, and discouraged it gets and bash away at the fat brain’s hold. Soon it will be the fat brain retreating and you will see it for the weak coward it really is.

It is time to put your fat on the line and start facing some truths about your complacency when it comes to your obesity. There will be no psycho analyzing done in this workbook, no retracing your past to figure out why you are the person you are. Instead we are going to look at who you are today and what you need to do to walk away from the fat suit and keep it off for life.






















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