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Photo Option

There are two photo options: Shared and No Photo

Shared Photos:

If you share your photos for our before and after section, you are able to earn incentives at camp for our different challenges. Only the 100 lb Challengers will be required to show their face. I will cut off your head before posting any photos on the web. Only your username will be associated with those photos, so take them in a generic place that people can’t guess it’s you.

No Photos:

Before and Afters are a big part of marketing and more importantly incentives for other obese women to garner hope that they too can change their lives. The no photo option is $50 more every 4 weeks and those taking the no photo option are not eligible for monetary or coupons with member discounts incentives like the 25, 50, 80 and 100 lb marks milestone rewards or the 50 or 100 lb challenges. They are however eligible for free week challenges, and group funded challenges.



All Group Only, Full Weekly Log and Full Daily Log members and those returning to camp after being away for over 3 months will spend their first 5 days with me in a separate, smaller section of camp as we work together to get you used to how we do things at camp, tweak your food and exercise, and get to know each other.

  • Private members can choose to do Orientation with the group or listen to the Orientation Daily Audios and respond in your private log with Carlene.
  • Audio Only and On Your Own Members are not in Orientation.
  • On Your Own Members have access to our Orientation Audios.

M-F Daily Audios

Every Monday through Friday there is a daily audio that Carlene records the night before, overwriting the previous week’s audio for that day. These audios are based on either a theme for the week or on what is a top needed subject for the majority of women at camp.

Group Daily Discussions

Every day of the week, we have a daily discussion thread in our forum. M-F, this thread is based on the Daily Audios. Weekend discussions are less intense and more about staying on track. Our topics range from breaking bad food habits (i.e. snacking, taking bites, licks and tastes of off your plan foods, and eating food that is not yours) , emotional eating, self-sabotage, binging, sneak eating, excuses, fear of failure and fear of success. Sometimes the audio is just Carlene giving a big pep talk to keep everyone on plan.

  • The Daily Discussion threads are mandatory for all Full and Group Only Members.
  • Private Members can participate if they choose.
  • On Your Own Members have read only access
  • Not available to Audio Only Members

Logs With Carlene

Full and Private Members have a daily log with Carlene. This is a place on the forum where only you and Carlene will work together on your fat brain issues, day to day struggles, and tweaking of your food and exercise plan as needed. This log keeps you accountable daily to Carlene. Carlene does not read logs on weekends, but you will still be able to write in them for a catch up on Mondays.

  • Group Only, On Your Own and Audio Only members do not have a log with Carlene.
  • Full Members’ Logs are readable only Group Only and On Your Own Members
  • Private Members Logs are not readable by anyone but the member and Carlene

Personal Messaging with Carlene

At Raw Food Boot Camp, we have a personal messaging system. It sends personal emails out via our system where your email is not available to other members. A simply reply sends your PM to Carlene both in her Conversations area and her private email. Full and Private Members have access to private PMs with Carlene via this system. There are times Carlene reaches out to Full and Private members to offer additional support, even sometimes hour by hour check ins during times of struggles.

  • Group Only, On Your Own and Audio Only Members can not privately PM Carlene

Small Group Conversations

We use the same PM system mentioned above in the Personal Messaging with Carlene section for creating small groups at camp. These small groups are areas for building friendships and offering and getting support from your peers at camp. Carlene initiates these groups, but she does not actively participate in them although she does monitor them.

  • Audio Only Members can not participate in Small Group Conversations
  • Participation in Small Group Conversations is highly recommended but not mandatory

Chat Room – Opening June 1st

We have a chat room at Raw Food Boot Camp. This is open 24/7 and is a great place for our women who live around the world to instantly connect with others at camp regardless of time zone.

Once a week there will be a scheduled chat with Carlene. Each week the time will be different to ensure everyone has at least once a month they can attend. These chats will be topic based and not a time for individual discussion on personal issues. Each chat will last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

Private members can schedule a mutually accepted time for a private chat with Carlene up to once a week.

  • Audio Only and On Your Own Members can not participate in our Chat Room.

Milestone Incentives

To keep shared photo members motivated at camp, there are milestone incentives.

At 25, 50, 80, 100 and 125 lbs Gone, after 2 weeks of hitting the milestone, shared photo members will receive a coupon for $$ off their next membership for hitting the milestone as long as they have not gained any of that weight back.

  • Full Members with Daily Logs and Private Shared Photo Members receive a coupon for the full lbs gone milestone.
  • Full Members with Weekly Logs receive a coupon for 3/4 of the full lbs gone milestone.
  • Group Only Shared Photo Members receive a coupon for half the lbs gone milestone.

So when a member hits 25 lbs gone, if they are a Full Daily Log or Private shared photo member, two weeks after hitting the milestone, if they still have at least 25 lbs gone, they will receive a coupon for $25 off their next membership fee. Full Members with Weekly logs will receive $18.75 Group Only Shared Photo members will receive a coupon for $12.50 off their next membership fee.

Those who lose 100+ lbs will get the first 3 months of maintenance free when they reach goal.

  • Only Shared Photo Members are eligible
  • Audio Only and On Your Own Members are not eligible

50 lb Challenge

Full, Group Only and Private Members with Shared Photos who hit 50 lbs gone in less than 16 Weeks will receive 4 free weeks of camp. Which membership option they receive will be based on the membership they have primarily used during their consecutive stay at camp.

For example: Say a our 50 lb Challenge winner has done 12 weeks as Group Only and then switches to Full or Private Member, they will earn 4 free weeks of Group Only membership, or a coupon worth the value of 4 weeks of Group Only membership.

  • Only Shared Photo Members are eligible
  • Audio Only and On Your Own Members are not eligible

100 lb Challenge

To qualify, the member must win the 50 lb Challenge. At this time, your face will start showing in our before and afters.Full, Group and Private Members with Shared Photos who do our 100 lb challenge have to agree to show their face in their before and afters upon qualifying for the challenge. And must send in a verification video when joining camp.

At 60 lbs gone, the member must fill out our Journey Page that will go public on our website. It is basically a question and answer form that you let others know about your journey.

To win the member must hit 100 lbs gone by their 8th month anniversary at Raw Food Boot Camp.

Winner receives: Full and Private members received $250. Group Only members receive $125.

There is a 125, 150 and Maintenance Challenge as well.
  • Only Shared Photo Members are eligible
  • Audio Only and On Your Own Members are not eligible

I am bringing back our Incentive Chips. These are a lot like what you get in AA, but much cuter and specific to RFBC. I will mail them to you when you reach your 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 and Goal marks. Be warned, my writing has really diminished from the stroke in 2016, so I will print labels and sign the cards, but no personal messages. This may change as I keep practicing my writing, but right now…man, it’s bad!

Group Funded Challenges

Every now and again, we will offer group funded or member funded challenges. Each time a challenge contract will be signed by all participants. Funds will be collected via PayPal and then dispersed via PayPal to the winner/s. If you drop out of camp or the challenge before the challenge is over, you forfeit your funding of the challenge and your split of the winnings. PayPal fees will be deducted from the winnings, but Carlene will not retain or profit from these Funded Challenges.

  • Audio Only Members cannot participate in these challenges
  • Audio Only and On Your Own Members are not eligible

Free Maintenance

Free Maintenance for life at Raw Food Boot Camp with restrictions.

  1. You must have reached an approved upon goal between you and Carlene in a normal BMI range for your height.
  2. You have to pay for the first 3 months of Maintenance (unless you earned those 3 months by losing 100+ lbs)
  3. You must have a continuous membership at Raw Food Boot Camp for 9 months or more (the first 3 months of Maintenance can be included in those 9 Months)
  4. You must weigh in at least once a week for the first 3 months of free maintenance and then once a month for the next year.
  5. If you go over 10 lbs your goal weight, you will have 4 weeks to get back to your goal weigh. After that you will have to pay for your time at camp to relose the weight before returning to free maintenance.
  • Audio Only and On Your Own Members are not eligible

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