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70 lbs Gone Before and Afters

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Pogo’s Before And After Show Case


  • Pogo hits 70 lbs Gone and Stuns Everyone with Awesome B&As! 2015-03-27

    Pogo hits 70 lbs Gone and Stuns Everyone with Awesome B&As!

    Pogo is a true success story at RFBC. She has been on diets most of her life, including a raw diet. Lots of enthusiasm, some success, but a lot of going back to old behaviors that have done her in for years. She diligently looks for any answers to why giving up her food addictions is so hard. 

    I am so proud of her. In December, on a big roll, she hit 60 lbs gone then things started to unravel a little. It has taken her these three months to break free of the gain/lose cycle. Emotions, time, food, have all undone her about every other weekend. Until these past few weeks. She is on fire right now, the weight is rolling off, and her body is responding. You’ll see her before and afters in a minute.

    I want everyone to understand that there are more Pogos in the world than there are CJanes. We have been taught since childhood that food is a reward, it is a friend, it is a secret exciting affair. Breaking through all that is very hard. We have given food so much power, that to take it back can be scary and at times will make you feel like you are being beat up by the universe. 

    Pogo has felt that way. I am sure there have been numerous times these past three months that she just wanted to say, forget it and walk away. 

    But here’s the thing, here is what takes Pogo out of the group of others who struggle. She didn’t quit and that is what makes her one of our biggest success stories so far this year.

    Yes, she is looking good. Yes she is finding her groove with all of this, but most importantly, she has discovered that she does love herself enough to give this amazing gift to herself. Pogo’s perseverance, her patience with herself, her resolve to not give up, has motivated and inspired many of the women at camp. I hope it does you to.  

    Now, you are welcome to oohh and ahhh over her amazing 70 lbs gone before and afters!


    You can see Pogo’s other before and afters by clicking here to go to her Journey Page. There is a big difference between her 60 and 70 lb before and afters because while her diet may have not been perfect, she was diligent about her walking. Everything pays off in the end. 

    Pogo is currently doing our Rawk Starz diet with between 1 and 2 hours of walking a day. 

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