Brenda’s 25 lbs Gone Before and Afters

Brenda is a Group Only member on our OverWeight side of camp. You can tell by her before photos she didn’t come with a  ton of weight to lose. She’s lost it slowly, but is feeling so very good about how she has changed, how she sees food, and how she is committed to keeping this weight off for good.

Brenda plays a big role in our Overweight side of camp. She is one of our top supporters and motivators there. I don’t get to know the Group Only women very well, but I have to say, Brenda is a presence at camp. She is so sure of what she is doing and how she wants to proceed. She trusts the diet, the program and herself to make this change stick for life.

It’s an honor to have her with us.


Brenda does our Wholy Rawker Diet with At Least 1 Hour of Walking a Day


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