Rachel’s Raw Food Fast Weight Loss Journey

Below you can explore Rachel’s weight loss journey using a raw food diet for fast weight loss. Only shared photo members who have lost 60+ lbs have their own journey page. Below Rachel’s comments, you will see all of her before and after collages as they appeared on our front page and newsletters. Keep your eye out as with each ten pounds lost, a new B&A is posted, and from time to time, she will update her comments as she moves along her raw food diet fast weight loss journey. Please leave her encouraging comments in the form provided at the end of this page.


Rachel’s 80 lbs Gone Before and Afters

Rachel’s Start Date: April 17, 2017  Rachel’s Start Weight: 235.5 lbs

Rachel in Her Own Words

Carlene asked each of our Rawk Starz Divas the following questions. Here are Rachel’s Answers in Her Own Words:

1. Tell us about yourself and where you were physically and mentally before joining RFBC:

My name is Rachel and I live in the Houston Texas area. I work with children and families with the State of Texas. My fiancé and I have two precious felines, Bella and Cleo. Before RFBC, I can say I was desperate. I had tried and failed at losing weight on many other diets and the last one I tried I failed at once again. Health wise, I was not in the greatest place. I was struggling with pain and inflammation due to poor dietary choices. I had already given up gluten after finding out I had gluten sensitivity. But I was still eating plenty of junk that was taking its toll on my body.


2. What have you learned the most about yourself and your relationship with food since starting RFBC?

I have learned so much about myself and food since joining RFBC! One of the most important concepts has been that food is NOT something with which to have a relationship! Food is fuel, period. Yes, many can enjoy food as other things besides just fuel, but for those who struggle with obesity, we have to think of food as fuel. Food has just been way too important in my life, for way too long. I have also learned I am stronger and have much more stamina than I thought – for both the diet and the exercise.


3. What Physical and mental health benefits have you noticed since joining RFBC?

The physical and mental health benefits of the Rawk Starz diet are amazing! I do not have inflammation or pain on this diet. My rings always fit, when before, they frequently did not fit due to swelling from inflammation.  And I can think more clearly because I am not “drunk” on the standard American diet (SAD) foods. In the morning, my face is not puffy. I do not look like I have been sleeping. I need less sleep, most days, on this diet. When my body decides to detox, I tend need more sleep.


4. What have been some of the biggest highlights of your journey?

The part of the journey that stands out to me the most is when my weight loss went practically to a standstill. Here I am, eating all this amazingly healthy food, and walking, and the scale is not moving. It was during that time that I really had to hang on to the words: Trust the process. Sometimes the scale does not reflect what we think it should, based on our hard work.  Sure enough, after this period of time, the weight started dropping again at very encouraging rates. Another part of my journey happened on the treadmill. I was walking briskly and probably hating every moment, when all of a sudden, I teared up as I had the thought, “I am worth the process.” At that time the journey was just so hard. But it became very real to me in that moment that I was worth all the effort I was putting forth.


5. What advice would you offer your readers and newbies at RFBC so they might enjoy your type of success?

So far, I have lost almost 70 pounds during my time at RFBC. What advice I would offer to any newbies at RFBC is to stay the course and trust the process. Choose the diet you truly feel you will most succeed at and then RAWK that diet! There is science and proven experience behind the effectiveness of the RFBC diets and that is something you can depend on! If I can do it, after many years of yo-yo dieting and failing at dieting in general, so can you! You are worth the effort to become the healthiest you that you can be!

Rachel’s Before And After Show Case

  • Rachel’s 80 lbs Gone 2017-10-13

    Rachel Hits 80 lbs Gone in 6.5 Months

    Rachel’s transformation has been amazing. She is changing her life, stepping out and creating the next chapter of her life. We are all so proud and happy for her.

    I could not be more proud of her. She has gotten what RFBC is all about.

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  • Rachel’s 70 lbs Gone in 4.25 Months B&As 2017-08-27

    Rachel Hits 70 lbs Gone in 4 Months 1 Week!!

    Rachel does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

    Rachel has had a few struggles, but her determination to get this done is amazing. Everyone doubts she has 30 more lbs to lose, but she still wants to go for the 100 lb challenge and then figure out where her goal weight should be.

    Look at her, she could be her own daughter!!

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  • Rachel Hits 60 lbs Gone in 3.5 Months 2017-08-11

    Rachel Hits 60 lbs Gone in 3.5 months!

    Rachel ran to her 50 lbs gone mark undaunted. She reminded me of Jess, Faith, Michelle, but then the more we talked about what it really took to do this and keep the weight off forever, small struggles started to slip in (or the timing had nothing to do with our discussions). I was happy to see this.

    Yes, you heard that right. I believe the struggles are the most important part of this journey. Each time we struggle, whether we win or lose that struggle, we learn more about ourselves and the underlying issues that need to be resolved. Perseverance is key as we learn to accept who we are and what we need to succeed.

    Oh, Rachel is still going for this. She wants to get the last 40 lbs gone to be at her Jr High weight, but you have to admit, she looks awesome right now.

    She’s got that whole younger sister thing going on, don’t you think?

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  • Rachel Wins 50 lb Challenge 2017-06-30

    Rachel Won our 50 lb Challenge & is Going After the 100!

    10 Weeks, that’s what it took Rachel to get her 50 lbs gone win. For that she gets 4 free weeks of camp. We are all so proud of her. But just so you know, before she decided to go for the 100 lb challenge, she offered to show her face to help inspire all of you to go after your dreams!

    I’m with you. How can she have another 50 lbs to lose. She’s 5’5″ and wants to be 135 lbs, which is a great weight for women at that height.

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  • Rachel Qualifies for 100 lb Challenge with 40 lbs Gone in 5 Weeks 2017-05-29

    Rachel Qualifies for 100 lb Challenge with 40 lbs Gone in 5 Weeks

    Rachel is blowing us all away with how fast she is dropping these pounds. When you find a diet that works this well, there’s not going back!

    To Qualify for the 100 lb Challenge you must lose your first 40 lbs in 8 Weeks. Rachel did it in 5!

    Now that she has qualified for the 100 bl Challenge, I can easily say, the 100 should be an easy one for her. Great job, Rachel!

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  • Rachel Drops 25 lbs in 3 Weeks 2017-05-12

    Rachel Drops 25 lbs in 3 Weeks!

    Rachel has come to camp to conquer this, and she isn’t letting anyone down. In just 3 weeks, she has dropped 25 lbs. And boy does it show.

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