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Winner 50 lbs in 3 Month Challenge

Adiper Hits 70 lbs Gone in 5 Months

Adiper came to Raw Food Boot Camp to win this. She struggles like everyone else, but her determination to not let the struggles interfere with her goals is commendable.

Each post she makes in our daily discussion thread is full of inspiration and motivation for others. She has embraced how we work at RFBC and is determined not to fall for the whole, because I can stay focused and lose weight fast I don’t have to work on my food issues.

I’ve said it before she is the poster child (woman) for our Rawk Starz diet and exercise program, but more importantly for RFBC as a whole. She epitomizes exactly what we want for all the women who come through camp. The ability to put her dream front and center and not let life, others, fears or even her manipulative fat brain stand in her way.

Not only did she win our 50 lbs in 3 Months Challenge for 2 free months of camp, she is also steadily winning our 10 lbs per month challenge which earns a free week of camp each month as well.

I am so proud of her and so grateful to have her at camp leading by example.

Adiper does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 Hours of Walking a day.

Her goal is not just to be thin, fit and healthy, but to change her relationship with food to ensure once this weight is gone it’s gone for life.

Adiper was all excited, this outfit was a size small.

Adiper’s message to her friends at RFBC on the celebration of her 50 lb Challenge Win

My name is Adiper but everyone calls me Ady😊. I’m 39 years of old and I’m a follower of Christ. My husband, dog, mom in law and I moved a few years ago from New York City to Florida and we are enjoying the hot weather, outdoor life, cooking out and doing adventurous things.

Before RFBC I was at my heaviest weight ever 231.2 pounds, tired, depressed and hopeless because 2019 was around the corner and once again one of my resolutions was to lose weight. I have struggled with the bondage to food and emotional eating since I have memories. See, I’m a Latina girl originally from the Dominican Republic and everything we do is surrounded by comfort food, laid back lifestyle, parties and the beach😊 Food is just at the center of all!!

Well, this past December 2018, as I was praying to God to help me conquer this area of my life once and for all, I was very frustrated because I just couldn’t understand why I tried so many programs and quit every single one of them. I knew the problem was inside of me and some of the triggers were bad food choices. I started to think and to research the possibility of a raw vegan diet because it always caught my attention and I came across RFBC on google. Off course, I was afraid of joining because of fear of failure plus the fear of telling my husband that I was going to enroll at another weight loss program. I believe my research and thoughts about pursuing a vegan diet were placed by God in me as an answer to my prayer and I told my hubby about it, and he said: “Fruits?? Are you crazy? There is no way you will lose weight eating fruits! You need a diet high in animal protein to lose weight”. Off course, his opinion was very important for me, but I knew it was going to be difficult for him to understand because he practices motocross and his exercise regime is very intense plus his diet is high on animal protein. I respected his view but he understood that I needed to find out by myself. This is how my journey to RFBC started😊

What I have learned the most about myself since joining RFBC is that I’m in control of my body. I’m the only person responsible for taking care of my body and eating healthy food is a choice.

Here is a list of great side effects that I’m experiencing because of joining RFBC:

1-      My spiritual connection with God has improved tremendously because of a raw vegan diet

2-      I have a clear mind

3-      My husband says I no longer snore 😊

4-      I’m experiencing lots of energy

5-      I’m going to the bathroom regularly which it was an issue before.

6-      Three of my co-workers are now eating more vegetables and fruits because they see how different I look

7-      My confidence is higher than ever

8-      I feel a sense of empowerment every time I say NO to a bad food choice

9-      I’m motivated to conquer my weight loss goal this year

10-   I’m excited to see how I will look in October for my 40th birthday😊

11-   Now I go to the supermarket and enjoy spending time on the fruit section

12-   I can do 1 hour on an elliptical machine at home at a high resistance and without stopping!! Before it was 10 minutes max.

13-   And finally, I enjoy seeing my husband face every time he sees my before/after pictures or when I get on the scale. Lol, He told me that he was very skeptical and wrong about this program and that I proved him wrong. We have not argued about my obesity for 3 full months and for me that means more than even losing the weight!!

My advice to RFBC members is to be aware of your thoughts and habits because until you manage it, it will be hard to say No to bad food choices.  Before you grab that tiny bite of junk food or off plan food, think about the disappointment and pain it will cause you not to move forward. Set yourself small goals and give it your all. Time is going to pass anyway so don’t waste any minute of it. Lastly, Carlene is the best accountability partner I’ve ever had!! So, reach out to her!!

Love you!! Let’s Rawk It!!!

Note: While we respect all faiths at Raw Food Boot Camp, we are not a faith-based group and have a strict no religious or political discussions on our boards.

Adiper’s 50 lbs Gone in 3 Months Challenge Winning Before and Afters

Adiper’s 40 lbs Gone Before and Afters


Adiper’s 25 lbs Gone Before and Afters


Adiper’s Monthly 10 lbs Challenge Certificates

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