Alexab’s 25 lbs Gone B&As

Right now, Alexab is my RFBC Hero. She is dealing with some tough times, and yet, her food is on plan each and every day. There are some days she can’t get in her walking, so she looks for alternatives. Yes, she did tell me the other day she would love to eat some cooked food and drink some wine, but she is staying strong.

And while she has hit a major milestone for us, getting to Onederland, she made an even bigger one for herself. She uses kg to measure her weight and she made it out of the 90’s and through that 8 gate, as we call it.


She told us the other day, with these 28 (she’s lost more since these photos) and some she lost on her own last year, she has lost 21 kg, the exact weight as her youngest son. She can’t imagine having carried his equivalent on her back for all that time. I love realizations like this!


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