Alpha10 Wins Our 50 lbs in 13 Weeks Challenge

Yes, she got 13 weeks to win our challenge. That’s the deal when Group Only and Full Members start camp on our 13 week program. They get the extra week, and Alpha took advantage of it, to win, win, win!!

She get 4 free weeks of camp for her great achievement at camp.

Alpha leads our Diva group. She is a Group Only member, so we are even more excited for her because all the accountability she has used to stay so strong has been self driven. Don’t get me wrong, she has had great support from others at camp, but her focus and determination are all hers!



Here is what Alpha10 had to say to the group after we showed off her before and afters:

I just wanted to write this right now to everyone at camp because of how I’m feeling today. When I came to camp Dec 7th 2015, I was DETERMINED. I came to camp because of the homepage Before and Afters. I came to camp with a made up mind but I was still thinking ” Is this REALLY going to work for ME?????

It’s worked for others at RFBC but will it work for ME? I tried not to think about the journey but think about the here and now and take each day and week as it came. I remember looking at other ladies B&As and thinking , damn, losing 20, 30, 40 pounds seems so far away and seems like it will take a long time to accomplish that. But here I am, 50+ pounds down in Just under 3 months and still I’m in absolute amazement. Because now it is REAL AND IT IS MY REALITY. IT MAKES ME A BIT EMOTIONAL because I’ve wanted this so bad and fought tooth and nail, eating POP with no slippups to break the long standing habits of rewarding myself with food rewards for mini milestones. I want all NEWBIES out there to know , follow the plan, do the walking, walk through the pain, walk when you don’t want to, eat PERFECT ON PLAN even when you are sick of the same fruits and veggies and salads and this IS GOING TO BE YOU FOR SURE hitting 20, 30, 40 50 + pounds lost. I couldn’t imagine my milestones to come at camp because they were so far away when I started but here I am today. I am elated. Just wanted to share.

Alpha10 does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day!


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