Important that you know:

Raw Food Boot Camp is open to all women regardless of age (over 18), race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, or faith. Carlene herself has always been an advocate for the well-being and rights of all women. We are a group of diverse women from all over the world. Intolerance at RFBC is not allowed and we have a strict no politics no religion talk on our boards. We do talk about the ramifications of COVID on our anxiety and stress but leave it at that.

You must be a woman over 200 lbs to join. 

Men of any weight and women who are less than 200 lbs, click here for that program’s orientation

The next start dates are:

    • Monday, October 26
    • Monday, November 9
    • Monday, November 23
    • Monday, Dec 7

Step 1:

Click Here to read all about The Rawk Starz Diet

Carlene expects you to know all the rules of this diet before starting. There are no deviations allowed.

Be prepared to start walking day 1. You have a month to build up to the 2 hours. If you have hip, knee or ankle problems, email Carlene before joining. Not enough time isn’t a valid excuse. You have to be able to treat this program and your effort as a part-time job.

Daily accountability and participation is mandatory. If you have a vacation planned for this month, don’t signup until you’re back. This is an all-in program.

Understand that while Carlene understands how hard it is to do this program, how hard it is to stay committed and persevere, she will be on you when you come to her with excuses and justifications. Don’t take it personally. She has learned when she becomes complacent, the women who are fighting hard to beat obesity become complacent as well. The biggest successes at RFBC came when Carlene was in full drill sergeant mode.

Step 2:

Click here to read about our Milestone and $$$ Incentives for Shared Photo members.

For $$$ incentives, goal is registered when you hit a BMI of 24 or less.

Decide if you’re going to be a Shared Photo or No Photo member. You’ve seen all of our before and afters. Those women did the shared photo option and saved the $50 a month. Unless you are going for the $$$ Incentives, I will crop off your head before uploading the photos. Please don’t do that yourself, let me. I will send you instructions on how to take those photos. If you are going to do the $$$ Incentives, you must be willing to show your face and do a journal page starting at 50 lbs gone. Until then, I will cut off your head in the photos. So if you don’t win the challenge, you don’t have to show your face.

If you don’t want to share your photos, before you decide for sure, think about what drew you to RFBC. It was all the women who showed their photos. Those photos are a goldmine, not just for RFBC, but for all women who have lost hope that they can beat their obesity. Over the years, I have received so many thank you emails from women who never joined RFBC but were motivated by our women’s before and afters and journey pages. That is a major reason I reward shared photo members.

No-Photo members are not eligible for the $$$ or Milestone incentives.


Step 3:


Click here to Join our Upcoming Women Only Over 200 lbs Orientation Program

When you submit the contract you will be taken to the payment form. If you decide to put joining on hold just go through this process again. Your contract entries will remain intact, you simply have to hit update to get to the payment page.

If you have worked with me before and lost 50+ lbs and feel you do not need to redo orientation, then email me after finishing your contract and before paying and I will send you a link to join the regular side of our program.


I look forward to meeting you in Orientation ~Carlene

Remember, we work on the premise that Obesity is not Okay! And that no off-plan food is worth compromising our pursuit of health and wellness, ie: beating obesity.

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