Archie hits 50 lbs Gone in 9.5 Weeks and Wins our 50 lb Challenge!!

Wow, what can I say. Archie is our second 50 lb Challenge Winner this month. The challenge is a 12 week challenge. So it’s pretty exciting to have her win this with so much room to spare. Few do this, although achievable, few get it down from day one and just let the fat suit go!

Not to say Archie hasn’t struggled. She has. She has struggled a lot with self-doubt. Doubt in the ability to do the program long term. Doubt that it would work for her when so many other diets didn’t. But through all this doubt, she kept coming to camp. She asked for support. She made herself trust us when it felt so contrary to the whispers from her fat brain.

This past week, something has clicked for her, and a lot of that doubt is slipping away and she is feeling more confident in herself, the program, and how far this plan can take her…all the way to goal!

I am especially proud of her because of how hard she has fought to no listen to those fat brain lies and push through each and every day!


Archie does our Rawk Starz Diet with a Minimum of 1.5 Hours of Walking a Day



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