Are Your Body & Soul One Or do you treat them different

Today at camp we are talking about how easily we the obese and even the overweight have disassociated our minds/spirit/soul from our physical body.

When we eat, we eat for cerebral experience without thinking of the connection that food has to our body. We only seem to care how we feel. The food numbs the emotions, the food fills an emotional void, the food gives us pleasure.

But when we pass by our reflection, we only look for a second out of morbid curiosity because we don’t like what we are seeing. We can’t believe that person in the mirror is us. We don’t see ourselves, our inner selves as that obese or overweight person, we are our minds/spirit/soul and to dwell on that body puts us out of sync, out of sorts with who we feel we are.

But yet, everything we eat or drink affects our bodies. We convince ourselves we are feeding our souls and in the same bite wrecking havoc on our bodies and not taking responsibility for that body that we oftentimes feel betrayed us by not staying or being strong and healthy.

We are willing to go on spiritual quests, meditate for hours, take classes and expand our minds, but when it comes to exercise and eating properly we don’t have the time or inclination. We see ourselves as our mind and the body is just there. And if we don’t look at it we don’t have to care about it.

When I was ill, I fell deep into this trap. I felt betrayed by my body. As I recovered, the body seemed to separate itself from me more as I grew angry and despondent on it’s inability to heal and regain strength and energy. I was eating clean, more of the Wholy Rawkers diet than our Rawk Starz diet. I was ready to not be the sick frail body. I could just sit on the couch and be the coach here at camp and entertain my granddaughters with creative thoughts. But the sick and frail body was seeping into my soul. 

So I had to choose. I had to heal my body. I had to reconnect. Know the pain and beat it. Natural food, healthy food, feeds my soul and body. I knew this so well. I just had to remind myself. Yes, my diet had to get stricter and I had to experiment with what worked and what didn’t, but by feeding my body what it needed to heal, to feel better, my spirit was lifted and once again allowed to soar. 

Having my physical health allows me to go after what I need for my mind/spirit/soul health. I can’t use fat, salty, sugary foods to lift my spirits, I have to maintain physical health to feel that wealth of soul.

Who we are is not just our cerebral self. It is our whole self. It is being in tune with the body, knowing its needs and being responsible for them. Of making choices with each bite, each lick and taste. How does this affect who I am, who I want to be. 

It is important to look at that reflection. Acknowledge it and accept it. It is what you have made it. Now, it is time to make it what you need it to be so you can experience overall well-being.

I thought when I started the conversation at camp this morning, our ladies would either think me crazy or disagree, but they did neither. They got it, and now you need to as well. Whatever your reason for disassociating from your body, it is time to reclaim and respect it. 

A body needs to be nourished and a body needs movement. Our bones need weight bearing exercise. Our hearts and lungs need to be strengthened with cardio.  Our blood needs to flow smoothly without all the plaque build up from all that bad fat we eat. We can’t live on high sugars and play havoc with insulin production. We can’t live bloated from sodium in a body full of inflammation. Our bodies need us to care for them just as much as our souls do. 

Okay, I’m off my soap box. I’m just saying. This is our life. It’s our choice how we respect it and nurture it, all of it both body and soul.


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