I’ve just started doing the monthly before and afters again, so enjoy and expect another new page next month.

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Jessica hit 90 lbs gone in 8 Months

Jessica is a returning member who had great loss previously, but did not stick around for maintenance. She is not going after fast weight loss this time around, instead she is focusing on learning how to beat obesity so she never has to lose this weight again.

Jessica's obesity before and afters at Raw Food Boot Camp

Jessica is currently on vacation, so she may not have new B&As in September, but she is just 10-20 lbs from her final goal.


Coco hit 50 lbs gone in 3.5 Months

Coco can lose weight fast, but she has a tendency of disappearing for a few days and forgetting what she’s doing here. Even so, she has had remarkable losses. 50 lbs in 3.5 months when you aren’t on consistently on point is very impressive. Right now she is in the process of moving across country so we won’t see new B&As for her in September. But hopefully, come October we will see her back on the charts and finishing up to reach her goals.

Coco's obesity before and afters at Raw Food Boot Camp


January hit 25 lbs Gone in 2.5 Weeks

The Rawk Starz diet and January fit like magic. Being an all or nothing person, like me, her focus is awesome. She has had one fall, but that’s it. With her focus and determination, goal is a given not a question.

January's obesity before and afters at Raw Food Boot Camp


GreenLeaf hit 25 lbs Gone in 2.5 Weeks

Not only did she hit 25 lbs gone, but last Saturday she actually did a mini-triathlon. That is a race where you have to swim, bike ride and run. Yesterday she signed up with a local triathlon group to meet up and be part of that active, energized scene!

Greenleaf's obesity before and afters at Raw Food Boot Camp

Greenleaf has already surpassed our August 10 lb challenge for Saturday’s win. She is going after our Genie Challenge and our 100 lb Challenge. She does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of walking/training a day.

She is very excited. She is now at a weight where she can zip line and is going to do that on the 9th of September. As she gets closer to Onederland at the end of the year her weight will allow her to take a trapeze class she has her eye one.

How fun, right? It is so important that we don’t wait for goal to go get the life we want. Big time kudos to Greenleaf for doing what she wants in life now!

Brenda hit 25 lbs Gone in 6 Weeks! Only 13 lbs left to Goal!

Brenda came to camp determined. Has she been perfect? No, but she has pushed through those imperfections and achieved great results. As one who came to camp with less than 40 lbs to lose, she didn’t get the huge water weight loss our obese ladies get, so 6 weeks is awesome for 25 lbs gone.

Brendas raw food before and afters at Raw Food Boot Camp


Brenda does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of rebounding, elliptical and or swimming each day. Usually a combination of two of these exercises.

Brenda is set to win our August 10 lb Challenge and probably hit goal by the end of September.

In2Life hits 25 lbs Gone in 2 Months! Just 10 more lbs to Goal!

In2Life also came to camp with less than 40 lbs to lose. She struggled with the slower loss compared to her teammates, but the weight still came off and she is looking great. With only ten pounds left to go to get below a BMI of 23.

In2Life's raw food before and afters at Raw Food Boot Camp


When I sent her the before and afters yesterday and asked her how great this feels this is what she wrote back to me:

Thanks so much, Carlene!!!  I’m so excited to see the improvement!!  I couldn’t have done it without your help!  I had been trying to eat healthy (gluten free vegan) and was exercising off and on, but with your help in tweaking my food, encouraging my exercise, holding me accountable, and working on my thought process, it all came together to get real results!!!  AMAZING!!!

I know I have another 10 to go plus maintenance, but I’m so grateful to have accomplished this much so far!!  Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

In2Life struggled with 2 hours of exercise each day. It was hard because when she did just one hour, the weight loss crawled, but when she did two hours, the weight fell off. The problem was finding the time to get in 2 hours. She found the time though and pushed for her success, even while vacationing last week.

In2Life is set to win our August 10 lb Challenge and when she wins our September 10 lb challenge, will be at goal!


Cjane hit 25 lbs gone in 5 Weeks

These are her original 120 lbs goal photos with Start, Now, and her at Goal.

Cjane was one of 100 lbs in 7 month winners in 2015. She did great for a long while, then things started to creep back in. She came back to camp to stop that from continuing and is headed back to her goal weight.

CJane's raw food boot camp before and afters


BritMom hit 25 lbs Gone in 6 Weeks

Britmom is a force! Has she been perfect. No. But she doesn’t get all down on herself when she slips, instead she more than anyone at camp uses the fall as a lesson in what doesn’t work and what does and she purposely uses that knowledge the next time she struggles.

Britmom is going after our Genie Challenge. She does our Rawk Starz diet and does 2 hours of walking.

Britmom's raw food before and afters at Raw Food Boot Camp


Crystal hit 25 lbs Gone in 6 Weeks

This is not Crystal’s first time at camp. But it is her best. She is on target for a big life change. This year she started her own business and is intent on putting her life in order including her food, weight and health.  I am feeling so good about her taking this all the way to goal.

Crystal's raw food before and afters at Raw Food Boot Camp


Elain hit 25 lbs Gone in 7 Weeks

Elain came to camp with her own doctor/naturopath planned diet. It was close to ours and is working great for her. She has just asked to do our Genie Challenge, so she is going to have to up her walking and tweak her food some to win it, but she is determined to get this done. She certainly has the tenacity for it!

Elain's raw food before and afters at Raw Food Boot Camp


August 10 & 6 lbs Gone Winners!!

Yesterday, Sept 1st, was our last weigh in for our August 10 and 6 lb Challenges. I made them a new Certificate. These certificates will end up on their Journey and Goal pages.

August 10 lb Challenge Winners

Each won a free week of camp and a beautiful certificate!

  • Brendafp – 17 lbs Gone in August
  • Britmom – 10.8 lbs Gone in August
  • CrystalClear – 10.6 lbs Gone in August
  • Elain – 10.2 lbs Gone in August
  • Greenleaf – 26.4 lbs Gone in August
  • In2Life – 10 lbs Gone in August
  • Katy – 10.4 lbs Gone in August

Honorable Mention goes to BossMom who lost 9.1 lbs her first week at camp!

August 6 lb Challenge Winner

She won 2 Free Days of camp and a beautiful certificate!

  • Foteen – 6.8 lbs Gone in August

Please join me is applauding these women for their commitment to themselves and RFBC. They worked hard for these 10+ and 6+ losses. I am so very proud of them.

You can join our September Challenge and work to hit 10+ lbs with these ladies

  • Kodomodo – a new this week Genie Challenger
  • In2Life – going after her last 10 lbs to reach goal
  • Andrea – a new this week Genie Challenger
  • Elain – stepping up her game to do our Genie Challenge
  • CrystalClear – on fire and going all the way
  • Kypie – ready to finish up and get to goal
  • Britmom – always pushing herself for success
  • Brenda – going after 12 lbs to get to goal
  • Greenleaf – eager for more big losses and to win the Genie Challenge
  • Katy – fighting hard through physical limitations with great success
  • BossMum – in one week she lost 9.1 lbs. She is so ready for more
  • LeeLee – just back from a big vacation and ready to win this
  • Cjane – coming back from a lot of travel and getting this done
  • Smiile – new this week Genie Challenger
  • Sharon – fired up determination to beat physical limitation and just do this as a Genie Challenger

Or work with Foteen to lose 6+ lbs. She is always a force of action.


Carlene isn't around right now, but will get back with you as soon as possible.


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