Bren Wins 50 lbs in 3 Months Challenge June 30, 2019

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Bren is a Rawk Starz Diva

Bren is one of my RFBC Heroes.

She started heavier than most of our ladies, so when she does her photos, she doesn’t see the huge changes someone with only 50 or even 100 lbs to lose sees. That brings up all sorts of doubts. Like everyone else, she fights the idea that this won’t happen for her, that it will take too long, that she can’t do it. So she is hit with a double whammy when it comes to staying focused and getting this done.

Here is where the hero part comes for me. Yes, there are struggles, big ones. She writes to me often asking for support which I am more than happy to give. But it’s not my brilliant support that keeps her going. It’s her. With all her doubts and fears she does what all divas should. She doesn’t let them affect her food or walking.

Her ability to just do it regardless of where her head is at each day, is a perfect example of what I wish for all who join our Rawk Starz Diva program.

Her life is hectic, busy and full of responsibility, and she just does it. Nike would be proud! I know I am.

She is on track to win our 100 lbs in 7 months Challenge and win $500. With her 50 lbs in 3 Months Challenge Win and her choice to show her face, she won 2 free months of camp.



In Her Own Words

Carlene asks each of our ladies who do before and afters that when they win our 50 lbs in 3 Months Challenge. They answer the following questions to share with the world. Here are Bren’s Answers  in Her Own Words:

1. Tell us about yourself and where you were physically and mentally before joining RFBC:

I’m a single mom of one child, trying to make positive changes so that I have all of the energy and good health that I need and want in order to keep up with my daughter and be a great role model as well.
Before RFBC I was steadily gaining weight each year for the past 12 years. Each year I promised myself that this was the heaviest I was going to get, and that I’d be thinner by the end of the year. With job stress and a too-busy schedule, I always ended up pushing those healthy changes that I had anticipated to the back of my to-do list.

2. What have you learned the most about yourself and your relationship with food since starting RFBC?

I think my biggest eye-opener was realizing that salty, fatty foods really were an “addiction” for me. I had heard people use that word for food before, but it almost seemed like an exaggeration. Getting started with RFBC, I struggled with emotional reactions to things that made me want to turn to off-plan Foods. My reaction and desire to turn to those foods was so intense, it was an eye-opening experience. I had to realize that this reaction hadn’t helped me over the past 12 years and it wasn’t going to help me now either.

3. What Physical and mental health benefits have you noticed since joining RFBC?

The physical benefits happen quickly. I worked to increase my walkingvtime from nothing to 2 hours a day during my first month! I felt stronger and was no longer short of breath doing every day walking. That was incredible!
Mental benefits- there is no feeling tied to the kitchen or anything like that with RFBC. This is easy in terms of food- keep it simple, take your food with you wherever you go. Be prepared with your food so that you don’t have the excuse to grab someone else’s food! Seeing the numbers on the scale move so rapidly is exciting and doesn’t seem real, at times. There hasn’t been any waiting or plateaus yet.

4. What have been some of the biggest highlights of your journey?

I love the effect it has had on my loved ones.they see me eating this way and the changes and they are all eating more fruits and veggies too!

5. What advice would you offer your readers and newbies at RFBC so they might enjoy your type of success?

Don’t put it off! The time flies by. I feel like I’m only a month in and it has already been 3 months! Do it now, get started, because you’ll have that 1st 25 lbs off before you know it!
Also, ask for support when you need it. Don’t try to handle all of the feelings/issues on your own. Carlene seems to have seen/heard it all before and can help.

Bren’s 50 lbs Gone


Bren’s 40 lbs Gone


Bren’s 25 lbs Gone 



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