Britsit hits Goal with 26 lbs Gone.

Britsit did not come to RFBC for a quick fix diet. It has taken her 3 months to drop these 26 lbs. Instead she has worked hard to overcome her own eating issues, to see what form of raw worked best for her, and to tackle the idea of just get it done and move back to old ways.

She is heading off for a month long trip to Europe, and is going to up her calories but stay raw so she can maintain her loss while gone. When she returns we will start on her Maint in Training program so she can transition into a lifelong plan that will keep her happy, trim, and healthy for the rest of her life.


Disclaimer: No one is allowed to wear all dark colors. When Britsit sent me her photos, I was so blow away with how small she was, that I didn’t notice the all dark until I was making her B&As and since she is leaving tomorrow for her trip, I didn’t make her redo them. You cannot wear all dark in your photos!

Britsit is on our Rawk Starz diet with a minimum of 45 minutes a day of walking.


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