CanDo Hits 75 lbs Gone and Goal!!

Pretty awesome, right? You just saw her 70 lbs gone photos, and now here she is at Goal. It took her less than 7 months to accomplish this, and during this time, she lived through some very high stress situations, including the loss of a family member. She was not always perfect, but always determined. That, again, is what makes our women winners.

We don’t give up when we’re not perfect. We understand life is far from fair and generous, but we know that if we persevere, if we don’t give in, if we don’t see food as the answer to our grief, our stress, our fears, then we don’t have to be fat anymore.

CanDo has lost weight with us before, and reached her goal weight, but we didn’t have a maintenance program then, and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a proud breast cancer survivor and gives a lot of her time and heart to supporting other breast cancer survivors, but through all that, her weight came back.

This time, she is sticking with us through maintenance and going to work on all the old habits that allowed her to regain the weight. It’s forever for her now. It won’t always be easy, but at RFBC we have learned that hard does not lead to failing, it leads to strength and fortitude. Two things that CanDo has in abundance.

Congratulations, CanDo. Everyone at camp has been inspired by your journey and will be there to support you through your transition to maintenance. Here’s to Forever!


Can Do does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

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