CanDo’s 25 lbs Gone in 4 Weeks Before and Afters

CanDo is a returning member at RFBC. She has lost weight with us before, but didn’t keep it all off, so she has returned to get back to her goal weight and to stick around and do maintenance with us so this is the last time she ever loses these 25 lbs! She has joined our Divas and is a rawk when it comes to staying on plan and getting in her exercise. This diet loves her, so expect to see her 50 lbs and then goal photos at a continued fast pace. Getting her to goal has never been an issue. Now, it’s to get her to break the stress/food habit once and for all. Congratulations CanDo, the photos are great.

CanDo 25 lbs gone with a fast weight loss raw food diet before and afters

CanDo does our Rawk Starz diet with 90 minutes of walking each day



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