Cathy Hits 40 lbs Gone in 3 Months

Cathy has been pushing so much lately. She recently upped her walking to two hours a day, every day and is sticking to her plan so she can move up to our Rawk Starz Diva plan. Cathy has not been perfect on this journey, but she has used each fall as a learning lesson and feels she has grown significantly lately and is ready to take on the challenge of perfection that our Diva’s maintain.
Of course, just as she was ready to join our Diva’s, I threw in a group wide challenge, so she has to wait two weeks before the divas reconvene. She’s excited and on fire and sharing that fire with everyone in her new group.
Cathy has the Rawk Starz Diva bug! 
Her photos are amazing. This in just 3 months. Be inspired. You can do this too, and you don’t even have to be perfect! 
Cathy does our Rawk Starz diet and has recently upped her walking to the 2 hours a day Diva Style!

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