Cathy hits 81 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet and Hits Goal!

Cathy actually has one pound more to go to hit goal, but we’re calling it! She’ll take this weekend to fight off the urges of running back to old ways and on Monday, she will enter our Maint In Training program. We are all very excited for her.

Cathy has embraced the athlete within and in the past few months has been on one adventure after another. She did a week long bike ride with a group of strangers, then went to Yellowstone and hiked for over a week along trails she at times didn’t even think she was capable of traversing, but she did it. Granted this hike took her a few days to recover from even at her level of fitness, but she did it. This is what change is all about. It’s about having the courage to step out of your comfort zone and tackles things you never would have considered possible.

Everyday, Cathy exemplifies what it is we stand for at RFBC. Change! Taking life and living it to the fullest. She doesn’t miss a thing. She has already signed up for more week long adventures to continue to push her new athletic self. We are all in awe of her!

Now, it’s your turn.


This transformation took 8.5 Months. Was it worth her time? Her effort? I think so, and so does she. Here is what she wrote in this morning’s daily discussion:

Since working this program I have made choices and changes that have build my self esteem and self confidence back up. I can honestly say now that I have become the person I have wanted to become but I continue to strive forward for what I want in life.~Cathy

Cathy does our Rawk Starz/Wholy Rawkers Diet (she has to do Wholy Rawkers when she takes off for these trips with food provided) and at least one hour of walking a day combined with biking, hiking, and kayaking. 


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