Cathy’s 25 lbs Gone in 7 Weeks B&As

Cathy sent me her photos Sunday evening anticipating her 25 lbs gone for Monday morning. She was pretty excited to join her teammates, CrystalClear and Elain on hitting this first big milestone at camp. The three of them have been supporting and encouraging each other since they started, and it’s working. 

As part of our PoPStarz Challenge group, Cathy has been on fire. She’s excited to go after our 50 lbs in 13 week challenge and is working hard to up her game for that 40 B&A in her very near future.

Like her buddies, Cathy’s first 25 lbs gone really shows. There’s no doubt the fat suit is melting, you can see it gone from all over her body. Check out her face though. She looks ten years younger. Wow, what a difference healthy foods and walking can make in our lives. I am so proud of her. 

And so grateful that she volunteered to show her face. That’s not something expected from anyone other than our 100 lb challengers, but so many are offering lately. It reminds me of the team we are, and how as a group of women we understand the value of hope that we portray to all that visit our site.  So thank you Cathy for sharing your face. You may never know all the women’s whose lives it touches, but you can be sure there will be many.

Cathys 25 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

Cathy does our Rawk Starz Diet with a minimum of 45 minutes of walking a day



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