Cathy’s 50 lbs Gone in 4 Months Before and Afters

Cathy is inspiring everyone at camp. Not because she does our program perfectly, she doesn’t, but because no matter what happens, she is determined to do this and get it done. Cathy has fallen a few times since starting, but they weren’t long lasting falls. She gets up, learns from her choices, and gets right back to her Rawk Starz Diva ways.

Why is someone falling inspiring? Because, most do fall. Many plunge at times, but the real secret to success is not perfection, it’s determination. Getting up, dusting off, pushing forward. These are the traits Cathy shows and inspire others to follow her. She never gets down on herself. She doesn’t waste her time on the shame and guilt game. She never hides from her mistakes or finds excuses to explain herself, she just jumps up and goes for more.

50 lbs in 4 months is actually a great achievement. She has worked hard for this. Her success, tells everyone that being human, accepting you aren’t perfect, is okay. All that matters in all of this is that you don’t give up on yourself, that you believe in what you’re doing and get it done.

Cathy has become a strong voice at RFBC, and everyone is watching how she is doing this and how far it is taking her. She looks great. She is doing great. There isn’t a doubt at camp that Cathy will be with us through goal and maintenance. She never wants to be obese again.




Here is Cathy’s response to yesterday’s kudos from her RFBC pals when they saw her before and afters:

I feel like hitting 50 lbs is my magic number for victory! I am well on my way to goal and I feel like there is no turning back to old ways. Maybe a slip here or there but right back on track with my food and exercising. I am so enjoying the feeling of being alive and engaged in my own life I can’t imagine anything else. I look forward to exercising outside and doing things I have not been able to do in years.

Going on a one week bicycle tour with my husband in July, two week backpacking trip in Yellowstone National Park in August. Two month bicycle tour up the east coast (FL to ME) next April.

Bicycling, walking, hiking and paddling right in my own backyard daily. I am so enjoying my new life as the fat suit becomes a distant memory.

Life is Good!

Cathy is a Rawk Starz Diva doing our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

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