Cathy’s 60 lbs Gone in 6 Months with a Raw Food Diet

Cathy has become a powerhouse at camp. She leads the way for many now with her just get it done attitude. She wasn’t always like that. She used to believe a small break was okay, that there were lessons to be learned from them. Which is true, there are always lessons to be learned from breaks. But, then about seven weeks ago, she decided she didn’t want to do that anymore, that she wanted to just get this done and stop giving herself ways out. And, man, oh, man, has her progress jumped.

Cathy now has her own Journey Page. Click here to see all of her before and afters.

Cathy is going to do a week long bike ride with her husband. She has really been out there using this new body of hers. On a vacation with friends a couple of weeks ago, she realized she needed to slow down and not leave everyone in the dust when hiking and kayaking. How cool is that?

She and her husband have planned a zip lining and white water rafting vacation later this summer. She has always wanted to zip line, but there are weight restrictions. She is now 73 lbs under those weight restrictions and is very excited to go live her dream!

Cathy does our Rawk Starz Diet with at least 1 hour of walking a day


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