CJane sent me this photo to celebrate her 6 months of maintenance:

 This is CJane in her size 4’s after losing 120 lbs with us last year.  Here’s her response in a discussion about maintenance:

Hello all, some of the best advice Carlene ever gave me was to not think about maintenance until you are there. I am amazed at how much I don’t want to eat now that I am in maintenance. When I was in lose mode, I would think about my exciting meals I could eat “once in awhile” in maintenance. But after losing weight and feeling good those things are only slightly appealing and just not worth it! Also there is the craving dilemma if I eat that food I’ll have cravings, why set myself up to fight the cravings beast when I seem to have scared him away. Like the bear analogy, it’s like thinking, well the bear hasn’t been around I think I’ll call him back up and invite him over! 

Welcome NEWBIES!!!!!! Welcome to mind blowing healthy weight loss! I’m CJanerun I joined in nov 2014 at 270 lbs, now I’m maintaining around 150. Size 20-size 4. Sluggish to energetic!! I reached goal in July! These will be your stats soon:)


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