CJane Hits 80 lbs Gone in 4.5 Months!

CJane is one of our top Rawk Starz Divas. She came to camp with a plan, stuck to her plan, and watched the weight fall off! Until last week. Last week, CJane hit what we call a sticky point. Her first. They are tough when you’ve been watching the pounds slip away daily. All of a sudden when the scale stops moving you’re devastated. Of course, I see this all the time. It had happened to Kace and Erica two weeks before, but no one wants it to happen to them. I told her, trust the process. We all hit sticky points, they end, and your weight loss catches up to where it would have been without the sticky point, and most importantly, I always get to say: I told you so! 
Thursday morning, even though not a weigh in day, CJane weighed herself and gave me my due! I told her so!! The stick is over and she has lost 80 lbs in 4.5 months! Imagine that. Of course she isn’t the first, you’ve watched Michelle and Free do the same thing this past year, but it is always exciting! 
And check her out. Wow! What a transformation. She told me that her husband walked around with the ipad staring at her new before and afters saying, wow, wow! No wonder. We all said wow. She doesn’t just look thinner, she looks fit. She looks awesome. You’ve got to agree!
You can see CJane’s other before and afters by clicking here to go to her journey page. Cjane told me she has never weighed this little in her adult life. That seems to be a theme going on at camp. Our ladies are evolving, they are turning the tide on their life long obesity and taking charge. Look at CJane, she’s beautiful. She’s vibrant. And she did this by eating raw food and walking. Her awesome attitude hasn’t hurt either! 
In 20 lbs she will win the 100 lbs in 7 Months Challenge and probably be at her goal weight. Then we are going to take this diva and transition her into thin for life. Healthy for life. Her mom’s going to be real proud! Just like all of us at RFBC. CJane not only inspires everyone with her great success, she is a power of support and encouragement for everyone. We are so lucky she found us!
CJane does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking Daily. 

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