CJaneRun Wins 50 lbs in 12 Weeks Challenge

CJaneRun is one of our 100 lb Challengers. Oh, and she won the 50 lb challenge in 10 weeks not 12! CJaneRun was skeptical when she started camp. She tried to convince herself this wouldn’t work for her. Boy was she wrong! Not only does it work, but she is loving it. She and Erica head up our Diva 2 Challenge group. Already in just 10 short weeks she is seen as a mentor to others. Not to mention a complete inspiration.

She earned the 4 free weeks of camp with the ability to earn 4 more and the $50 coupon code. But that’s not the real reward, the real reward is what you see below. Oh, and her husband picked her up the other day. How fun is that!


Erica is a true Rawk Starz Diva doing our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 hours of walking a day

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