CourageousOne Hits 25 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet

CourageousOne hit her first 25 lbs gone on Wednesday of last week. That’s in a little over 6 weeks. This is not her first time at camp, but it is a new time, and her attitude is so different now. Before losing the weight was not a top priority and changing big behaviors wasn’t something she was seeming to master. This time, she is recognizing what trips her up, mostly small bites, licks, and tastes and she has deemed them not part of her life any more. It’s showing. You can read it in her posts. She is feeling good about what she’s doing, and when you feel good about it, you just don’t struggle as much. We’re all pretty proud of her.


CourageousOne does our Wholy Rawker Diet and a minimum of 45 minutes of walking each day


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