CourageousOne Hits 70 lbs Gone!

CourageousOne is a marvel! I am so proud of her. When she came back to camp this time, she told me she she was not leaving until she was done. And she meant it. Her first 60 lbs went fast. She was on fire. But then the struggles came, her motivation dimmed, and the weight loss stalled. She didn’t quit though. Instead, she kept checking in, reminding me of her promise to not quit until she was done. Then Wham!! She decided it was time. Got back into gear. Dropped these 10 lbs and has set new goals. The best is to have 100 lbs gone by her 1 year anniversary at RFBC. That’s my favorite.

Her photos are amazing. This is what 70 lbs gone looks like!!


CourageousOne is on our Veterans side of camp doing our Wholy Rawker Diet with a minimum of 1 hour of walking a day.


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