Create The Best Diet for You with Carlene

$99 for up to 14 days – one time fee

Work with Carlene privately for 14 days and work together to find the right diet for you.

Be aware that Carlene is not a medical, nutrition or mental health professional. All advice given is of her opinion based on working with the obese and researching health and the role food plays in it.

You should always seek your doctor’s advice before starting any health-based lifestyle change.

With that said…

Via email for up to 14 days, Carlene will help you come up with a diet based on your goals. Together we will explore ideas and options that may work for you. In the end, you will make the final decisions on what is the right food and exercise plan for you.

This is not for accountability, it is specifically for finding the right diet plan for you.

We will explore not only healthy food choices but what you are able to do with sustainability. Without sustainability, no diet has value. Be prepared to think about what you are willing to change for the goals you have in mind. Come with an open mind.

Carlene only supports healthy diets.

Carlene will not offer help or support on fasting, juicing, starving or low-calorie diets, living on supplements or protein drinks. Nor will she support pre-packed food diets or WW type point diets. Carlene believes in lowering fat, sugars and sodium for health and therefore cannot help you with high protein/high fat diets.

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