CrystalClear Hits 50 lbs Gone in 5 Months

Crystal Clear is one of those women everyone can’t help but love. She does struggle at times, but she always comes back and pushes forward. She had a pact with Elain and Cathy that they would all lose together, and she has fought hard to keep up.

We honor fighters here at camp. All the time we talk about perseverance and how that is the true key to lifetime change and success. While everyone wants to be a CJane, the truth is you learn more from being a Crystal. When you fall and don’t give up. When you come back to camp and ask for help, you are building strength and strategy. When barriers seem insurmountable at times, each time you get back up and fight through them, you learn more about your own abilities and the tools you need to succeed.

Obviously, with 50 lbs gone in 5 months, she is not falling all that often. She is changing her life now, moving forward with her dreams, and molding this new her as she goes. Truth be told, I am as proud of Crystal as I am of CJane. Different journeys for sure, but the heart and the desire to make a new life are the same.


Crystal does our Rawk Starz Diet with at least 1 Hour of Walking a Day


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