Diabetic Add On

Many diabetics and doctors are afraid of our Rawk Starz diet because of all the fruit. They don’t get that not all fruit is created equal. The same goes for veggies. There are high glycemic fruits and low glycemic fruits. There are low glycemic load fruits that balances out their glycemic index. Read my article on Fruit and Diabetes.

We eat low gi fruits. Diabetics need to alter their diet by staying clear of bananas and pineapple as well as carrots in the beginning.

For the first 3 weeks, it is imperative to eat greens or hemp or other protein source based on the diet your doing to balance out the sugars in the fruit and veggies you are eating.

The first week of doing one of our diets, your blood sugar may appear to be going up and down a little, but after that, from our experience, your blood sugar will even out, and if you are like most of the diabetics who join us, between our diets and walking, should see a drop in your blood sugar. Our diabetic clients have shocked their doctors after 3 months on our plans.

For diabetics to do one of our plans it is required that you monitor your sugar closely and that you check with your doctor. I am not a medical professional, I am only offering what I have seen over the years.

I recommend you do either the daily log with me or private membership because I will be on you to manage your sugar daily.


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