Why our Raw Food Diet offers Fast Weight Loss for the Obese When Others Don’t

In the raw food world, there are many versions of the raw food diet. Most consider ours one of the more extreme, but it offers fast weight loss for the obese where others may not. The reason: we focus on low-fat, low sodium, and low sugar raw food diet. And yes, we eat a lot of fruit, something frowned on by many of the raw food gurus. For the obese, though, our program seems just right.

We do not eat high glycemic index or high glycemic load fruits in our raw food diet.

This is pretty basic for the obese. Most of us tend to be insulin resistant. Eating the high sugar fruits causes spikes in sugar levels, which we can’t afford. Lower sugar fruits don’t seem to cause us problems. In fact, every diabetic who has come through Raw Food Boot Camp, has lowered their blood sugar levels when following our plan. Doctors are amazed at this.

What don’t we eat that other raw foodists eat?

Dates, figs, papayas, mangoes, raisins, and for some reason kiwis stall weight loss. We limit grapes to a time of year when they are tart and we limit bananas to one a day.

We do not eat high starch vegetables as part of our raw food diet. 

Again, sugar and starches don’t work well for most of the obese. Where other raw foodists eat corn and potatoes, we stay far away from them as they slow and often stop weight loss. Hard squashes like butternut squash do the same. As a rule, we don’t eat root veggies except carrots and raw beets.

Nutiva Hemp for Healthy Weight Loss

We do not eat high fat nuts and seeds on our raw food diet.

Many raw foodists live on nuts and seeds. This does not work for the obese. We limit our seeds to hemp and flax seeds and stay completely away from nuts. Yes, one or two nuts doesn’t hurt anyone, but for the obese who have food addiction issues, one or two nuts is a rare event. Did you know a 1 lb bag of raw cashews from Trader Joes has 2500 calories?

We do not juice on our raw food diet.

Everyone loves to juice. I hear it’s all the rage in Portland! We don’t do it because when you remove the fiber from a food, you also remove an important binding agent for sugar. With the fiber gone, all that sugar is available to be absorbed rather than some of it going out as waste.  The obese, especially those of us with sugar issues, can’t have all that sugar. If members want to drink their fruits and veggies, they can do so with a smoothie. Victoria Boutenko is the Queen of Smoothies, click here to see some of her books. A smoothie is blended fruit and veggies. They are nutrient rich, calorie dense, drinks. Just remember, we don’t use nuts or oils or coconut milk. You can use a cup of no sugar added almond milk if you like, but water works fine. That’s what I use.

We do not add salt to our raw food diet regardless of where it comes from.

I hear it all the time: I use sea salt or Himalayan salt, it’s different. It doesn’t matter if there are more minerals, sodium is sodium. So what if there is a little less sodium in your teaspoon of kosher salt than in your mother’s table salt? It’s the actual sodium that matters. We do not add salt to anything. We get enough sodium from our fruits and veggies. And if we are going to be doing anything athletic that will deplete our sodium, we eat celery.

Our raw food diet is geared toward the obese for fast weight loss.

Maybe it isn’t PC to have a program like Raw Food Boot Camp designed specifically for the obese, but that is my passion. It is where myexpertise lays. I have been helping obese men and women lose weight with a raw food diet, a low fat, low sodium low sugar, raw food diet for over seven years. No one has had health issues from it, but everyone who stuck it out had fast weight loss and improved health.

I will never tell you this is an easy diet, but it works. We are not fruitarians. We eat hemp, lots of veggies, and even some almond milk. We get 1000-1200 calories a day. 10-20% of our calories come from quality fat. We get our protein from amino acid rich foods like hemp, greens and cauliflower. And we eat a lot of low gi fruits.

If you have any questions or concerns, use our Contact page to email me. I will be more than happy to help you.


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