Who Doesn’t Make it at Raw Food Boot Camp

No Go for Quick Weight Loss at Raw Food Boot CampI would love to tell you that Raw Food Boot Camp® works for everyone, but it doesn’t. Doing a 100% raw food diet is tough, but Boot Camp is tougher. Many come with false expectations of us or themselves, others come to check out a different kind of diet, while others are just looking for a new support group. None of these reasons will work. Here is some of what we have found in the years we’ve been open. Look deep within yourself to see if you fit any of these types of dieters. We don’t want you to fail, we want you to succeed. To do that, you have to be mentally prepared for what we offer.

Looking for a support group to lose weight with raw food

The support you will receive at RFBC is phenomenal, but if you are joining our full or group only boot camp to be in yet another support group or forum, then this is not the place to be. Many have joined just for that reason and when they realized that the commitment here was serious, became disillusioned with Boot Camp and left.

Don’t really want to be raw, but figure you can work your own program

Some join because they want the accountability and discipline of RFBC, but they do not want to do our program. They come with the idea that they can do whatever they want as long as they are here. This is not acceptable. Our program is outlined very well. We use a variety of raw food eating programs to drop weight quickly.

Just want to work with Carlene but not interested in the group

Many have joined our full boot camp program with the idea that they don’t need the group, they just want to work with Carlene and not bother with the audios or daily assignments. I have taken on private clients in the past, and they don’t make it. I give a lot to RFBC members, but a lot also comes from the group dynamic. It is only when you participate and make yourself a part of our group that you will have the success you see in our before and afters. While I’d like to think I am the end all of weight loss, I’m just one woman. Come join us and have the benefit of true peers who are going through the same struggles. It’s amazing how powerful that can be.

Looking for a new different diet and heard raw was the place to be

Many are just looking for a new diet they haven’t tried before. They come with the attitude to give it a try, see if they like it, and if not they will just move on to the next diet. This is the major reason our payment structure has changed. We are serious about what we are doing here. This is not just another diet to us, this is the final diet. People coming and going, never able to make a commitment to themselves or us, brings down the morale of those who are working hard to succeed. And of course because they were just looking, they don’t make it.

Not able to dedicate time to the program

Or to put themselves first for a change. We all have obligations, work, family. It is hard to commit to allotting time just to heal ourselves, yet this is essential. By healing yourself you are giving to your family. You are giving them more years with you, a healthier more active you, and after the first month or so, a happier you -which if you ask most families is their favorite side-effect of raw.

Don’t want to exercise

Exercise is a key component at Boot Camp. Don’t join if you won’t exercise. I can’t state it more simply than that.

Don’t want to walk

There is a difference between not wanting to walk and not being able to walk. If you can’t walk, then I am more than happy to work with you to find a solution. But some come to camp who feel walking is not enough, that they need to do heavy exercise. They love the gym, the classes, the circuit training, the weights and the hot yoga even though it apparently has not helped them lose weight. They are determined that I am wrong about the walking. I’ve been doing this a long time. No one who has done all these high aerobic (anaerobic) or strength training exercise ever lose weight with us. There are  a few reasons. One, these forms of exercise tend to make people want to eat more. Two, fitness trainers are on them constantly to eat more protein an carbs. And three, these forms of exercise burn fat differently than walking and no one has ever seen the same results as with walking in the fat burn zone. I know walking is not sexy. I know it’s boring. But it works. Spinning doesn’t! Circuit Training doesn’t. This is not up for argument at camp. We walk. If you don’t want to walk then we are not the right program for you.

Have never stuck to a diet in your life

The members at RFBC have a lot of empathy, but if you can’t diet, then you probably can’t do this. So save your money and try something else. When I say can’t diet, I don’t mean you quit every diet you try, I mean you can’t make it a day or a week on a diet without binging. We’ve had people who join, set themselves up at Boot Camp, all gung-ho, full of commitment, then within the hour are eating a candy bar or gone to a drive through. Again, this is very tough on the membership.

Need to be coddled

Some can’t handle the firm discipline at Boot Camp. When they break raw, they want to be able to come to camp, mention every cooked food they ate as if reliving the experience, and expect us all to say, good job, glad you’re back. That is not how Boot Camp works. If you break raw, you do come to camp and confess. There is support, but there is also accountability. Why did you break, what will you do better next time? Many times an assignment is handed out to help you work through how you will handle the situation next time. One of our members went through fire person training. She talks about how during training if one of her teammates fell behind, they would all go back, yelling if they had to, to get the teammate back on his or her feet and to finish with the team. It wasn’t done out of bitterness or anger, it was down out of a sense of pride for the team. We are a team. There are no individuals when it comes to success, we want everyone to get to their goal, to find the life they have dreamed about, and we all know coddling won’t get us there. This is another reason we have lost members, not that we are mean or anything is ever done with bad intent, they just don’t want to hear it if they break raw. That is fine, but not as a member of RFBC.

Prefer to lurk than participate

If I could pick the number one reason why people fail at RFBC, it is because they do not participate. Some come and lurk. They read the posts, even weigh in, but they never become part of the membership. This works in other forums, but part of what makes RFBC work is the support. It is the members and the interaction that makes this place so special. No one is seen as just a name or number, each is known and treated as an individual. That is different than other groups. We actually care and will take the time to get to know you. Those that do not participate, do not lose the weight, and do not stay. This has proven itself over and over since the beginning of Boot Camp.

Don’t think rules should apply to you

My question to this one is, then why did you join? Most who join Boot Camp do it for the accountability and discipline. One of the things we do to keep people motivated and on track is to offer challenges. Some of these are mandatory. No one really wants to do them, who wants to try harder when things already seem hard? But they are mandatory and when some are told they must participate they decide they are above the rules and refuse. This does not work at Boot Camp. Membership can be retracted, regardless of how many fees were paid. This is not to say that if someone is sick, or emotionally not able at the time, they can’t asked to be exempt from the challenge. That is different than just saying because you are who you are you do not have to participate.

The exceptions

Now that I have told you about some of the people who just don’t make it at Boot Camp, let me tell you there are always the exceptions. We have had people come who originally couldn’t get with the program, but are now flourishing with many 100% months behind them. We’ve had some quit only to come back days later realizing they really do want what we offer. For some the detox is too hard, or worse the emotional detox gets to them, and regardless of their commitment, they feel broken and give up. That’s when the membership pipes in and reminds them of what they want. Some stay, some go. Those that stay are stronger and more determined to make it to their goals. I received an email the other day from one of our members who is doing spectacularly She thanked me for being tough on her in the beginning because it forced her to really commit and to succeed. So don’t fret too much if you think you are weak, weak we can deal with. What we want is a heartfelt commitment. If that is strong, we can get you through the rest.

I also want to add that we have lost people who have been successful. They reach a point either in their weight loss or in their diet, when they get scared. Scared of success or maybe even failure. They find excuses to leave. Some of these excuses have been boredom with the diet, can do it on their own now, want more leniency with the diet, can’t devote as much time on the computer, etc. For whatever reason they leave. We can’t stop them, although we do try, but for everyone who leaves another stays, and the longer those that stay keep raw, the easier it becomes and the closer they get to their dreams.

Raw Food Boot Camp is hard. Being obese or living with eating disorders is harder. Here only the committed succeed. Look deep inside and ask yourself, is it time? Time to finally rid your body of the fat suit and/or fat brain that has controlled you for so long.

If you are not ready for Raw Food Boot Camp, don’t be discouraged. Work through Carlene’s new e-workbook Fat Brain Lies and start on the road to get ready — not just for Raw Food Boot Camp, but toward beating obesity for life.

RFBC is not for everyone, you have to be willing to fight and stand up to yourself on a daily basis. If you do that, the reward is amazing, but if you aren’t quite there, that is okay. Never give up on yourself, but always be honest and know who you are and if this is the time for you to succeed. You deserve to give this your very best. Be at that spot in your life where you know it is time to change.

Do You Have The Courage to Change?

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