Erica hits 60 lbs Gone in 3 Months 1 Week

Erica hit 62 lbs gone today, and in so doing, won the 50 lb Challenge bonus challenge of 12 pounds in 4 weeks. That means she earned herself another 4 free weeks of camp. Way to go Erica!

Erica is another Rawk Starz Diva who doesn’t waver in her determination to get this done. Some may think these women who never break plan are superwomen, but the aren’t. They are just like you, the just want this really bad and have come to the point of why not just do it all the way and get it done. 

Erica with CJane have really led the way for our newest crop of Rawk Starz Divas. It is so good to have such solid women lead the way for others. Her effort, her honesty, and her willingness to lead here at camp has made her a huge asset to our program.

Not to mention, her great success. The before and afters tell it all. She looks amazing. There was a huge difference in her 50 lb before and afters and these 60. The ladies at camp were saying it was more like a 30 lb drop not a 10. You decide.


Erica offered to show her face. She told me she is proud of what she has achieved and proud of what RFBC does. That was quite the honor. Thank you Erica.

Erica does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of walking a day

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