What To Expect When You Join Raw Food Boot Camp

When you join RFBC (Raw Food Boot Camp) you can expect peer support unlike you’ve had in the past. Even Carlene is your peer.

Obesity is a mindset, and while many of us here at camp have lost the weight, that obesity mindset never truly goes away. So what you can expect is to work with other women in either the Group Only or Working With Carlene programs who understand your fears, shyness, humiliations, and most importantly you apprehensions that this diet will even work.

For the obese, working with true peers doesn’t happen often. Most diet programs are designed for the overweight. Those wanting to lose 40 lbs or less. That’s not who we cater to. We are a program designed and administering to those with 100+ lbs to lose. While at times we allow the overweight to join us. Our true intent is to help the obese.

Face it,  most dieting programs are geared toward weight loss. That is great, but they don’t seem to work with women to get them to understand their food habits, issues, and obsessions. We do and we are not afraid to call them out. Weight loss is the perk to understand ourselves, taking control of ourselves and rewriting our relationship with food.

That is what you can expect when you join Raw Food Boot Camp. It’s not just about weight loss. Anyone can lose the weight, and face it, most of us have lost it multiple times. What few seem to be able to do is keep the weight off, to accept the fact that without change the weight will come right back on.

So every day, every day, we work on change. We work on emotional eating, social eating, we work on impulse eating, reward eating, stress eating. We work on the idea of how unfair it is for us to have to diet when others don’t have to. We come to terms with the idea that while obesity can be managed and controlled (like diabetes) it can not be cured.

That is a harsh reality few want to stare in the face. Everyone wants fast weight loss, but then they want to be done.

Expect us to show you the mistruth of that.

Our goal for all that join RFBC is transformation. Not just in looks, but in responsibility toward their health when it comes to food and movement. For life, not just for the 6 months it takes to lose 100 lbs.

You can expect us to show you over and over again why learning from your struggles is a much better idea than just repeating them. And that to ask for support is a sign of courage, not weakness.

You can expect us to understand and have empathy toward your struggles. More importantly, you can expect us never to coddle, never to accept complacency, never to expect failure from you regardless of how many times you fall.

We will be here for you daily. We will never judge you.

We will hold you accountable to us and to yourself.

If you come work with us and you want the change required to make this all real, then you can expect to succeed if you join us at Raw Food Boot Camp.

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