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CBs Win on our Fast Weight Loss PlanHelping the obese beat obesity is Carlene’s passion. A fast weight loss plan that works for the obese and brings health was a dream come true for her when she lost her weight. And continues for those who follow in her footsteps.

Her Rawk Starz Diva plan is the foundation of what Raw Food Boot Camp is about. This is how Carlene and most of the women in all those before and afters that brought you here lost their weight. It’s a no BS type of program and is only for the truly committed. And only for the obese.

You need to lose at least 50 lbs to qualify for our fast weight loss plan.

Don’t be afraid of this program. Those of us who have been obese most of our lives need this type of discipline and fast weight loss plan to succeed.

Carlene’s tougher here, but still understands what you go through and will only hold you accountable, not judge or shame you.

Current Rawk Starz Divas

June 1 Update

Every month we run 3 challenges members can sign up for. A 20 lbs gone for newbies with a lot of water weight to lose, a 10 lbs gone for everyone at camp and a 5 lbs gone for everyone. Of course our Rawk Starz Diva’s need to lose 10 lbs a month to stay in the program. So each month as they win these, they will get 2 free weeks of camp for 20 lbs gone and 1 free week for 10 lbs gone. They can’t do the 5 lb challenge.

On June 1st, the following won our challenges. I made them each a certificate like the one below.

Winners 20+ lbs Gone in May earning 2 Free Weeks of Camp:


Winners 10+ lbs Gone in May earning 1 Free Week of Camp:

Julia ~ Jamie ~ Rachel ~ GlowGirl ~ Bren

Gorgo ~ VeggieLover ~ Kmik ~ Ange

Leader of the Pack, Adiper!

A Fast Weight Loss Plan, especially one this strict and structured is not for everyone.

Before you apply for Carlene’s Rawk Starz Diva program, peruse the Raw Food Boot Camp website. Take our quizzes, listen to the free audios, maybe even join our Free program. Learn all about us and Carlene. You can read her weight loss story at I Beat Obesity.

Requirements to Join Carlene’s Rawk Starz Diva Team

  • You must have at least 50 lbs to lose to join.
  • You must do our fast weight loss plan, our Rawk Starz Diet plan as written sans the bananas, grapes and mangoes. And with a max of 300 mg sodium.
  • You must meet our 2 hours of walking in the RFBC 135-150 heart rate zone by the end of 1st Month
  • You must participate in our Rawk Starz forum a minimum of 5 Days a Week
  • You must do before and afters. I will chop off your head unless you specify otherwise.
  • You must be able to focus. Put blinders on and get to goal. Take the Questionnaire below to see if you have the mindset to do well in this fast weight loss plan.
  • You must lose 10 lbs a month minimum to continue in this program
  • At 50 lbs Gone you must do a journey page for RFBC and at every 10 lbs gone add a short blurb to it.

Perks of Being one of Carlene’s Rawk Starz Divas

  • After 1st Month as long as you continue losing you don’t have to do the daily check in form unless Carlene or you think you still need that level of accountability.
  • Work with only those who are doing a focused Rawk Starz program
  • True peer to peer support with other obese women
  • You are Eligible and will most likely win our 50 and even 100 lb Challenges which bring free time and $$.

We Opened the Rawk Starz Diva Program on 4/8/2019
Before and Afters Of Current Rawk Starz Divas!

These are the women you’ll work with when you join!





Be sure to Read all the Warnings of any and all Fast Weight Loss Plans
The Application is below them


There are side effects to all fast weight loss plans. Be aware of them and be prepared for them.


Detox happens for everyone. It happens somewhere between day 4 and day 10. It usually presents itself as a cold or the flu. Or you may experience extreme fatigue. Some who have been on heavy meds in their lives may break out with rashes.

Detox in our experience lasts about 4 days. You will feel like crap and think you are sick. You’re not. Get through it and feel so much better when you’re done.

Hair loss

Regardless of the diet you’re doing, all fast weight loss plans cause hair loss. It will grow back, but it’s a pain when it’s happening.


Most people before starting a diet binge big time. Our diet is low fat and all vegan, so when you come from a high-fat diet to our low-fat diet there is a good chance you may develop gallstones. Make sure to check with your doctor. Gallstones are quite common with dieters. But they need to be managed and watched.

The biggest mistake you can make is having a high-fat day before starting our fast weight loss plan. No last hurrahs!

Loose Skin

This is the biggest fear expressed about this and all fast weight loss plans. I worried about this myself. Daily, I moisturized my skin with aloe vera gel and Suave’s Elastin and Collagen moisturizer mixed together. My results were a quarter of what I expected and the truth is I didn’t end up with loose skin, I ended up with wrinkled skin on my upper arms and inner thighs. Yes, I hated it, but it is easily covered with sleeves and longer shorts.

About halfway through your weight loss, you may panic. Your skin/fat will feel all loosey goosey. I call this the watery fat stage. It passes as you continue to lose weight, but be prepared for it.

Every body is different. Age, time obese, how obese, all play a role in how well your skin comes back. This is a major fear factor for many. My suggestion is you try it. Get to your goal weight and then decide. You will never know what the end product will be if you don’t get to goal. If you don’t like what you see, you do know how to gain the weight back.

Maintenance is Harder For Those Who Do a Fast Weight Loss Plan

No one truly expects to live on the Rawk Starz diet for life. Most want to transition to some other type of diet be it vegan or not. We have a maintenance program to slowly transition you to the lifelong diet of your choice.

But! Because you will lose your weight fast, practically with blinders on, you will bypass all the real struggles of weight loss. These struggles are vital in your ability to keep the weight off. Your first year, possibly two will be hit hard with all the bad habits you ignored, the cravings you ignored, and all the old ways of eating.

In maintenance, there is no scale reward for staying on plan. No next goal. This makes it harder to stay motivated to stick to your maintenance plan.

When you hit maintenance, you will have to work on the Change With Carlene side of camp to break those habits and the mindset that you’re thin you can now eat however you want.

All fast weight loss plans are like this. Even weight loss surgery. You get your results fast, but you don’t learn much along the way. Be ready and willing to stick around and do maintenance with Carlene.

Most believe thin means cured. It’s just not the truth

The only true cure for obesity is to learn to take control of your food and eating issues. All or nothing types struggle with this. Be prepared for hard work long after the fat is gone. If not, you will gain all the weight back.

Interested in being an RFBC Rawk Starz Diva? Apply for our fast weight loss plan.

Apply to Join Carlene’s Rawk Starz Diva Program
The right fast weight loss plan for the Obese


Use the form below to Apply.

Carlene goes over every application with 24 hours. If she has questions, she will email you. If you do not hear back from her within 24 hours, send her an email with a different email address for you. We are having problems with European emails addresses right now.

Once accepted into the program, Carlene will send you a link to join our Rawk Starz Diva program.

If there is no submit button at the bottom of the form

It is because you have not answered the questions up to the standard of commitment I require for the Rawk Starz Diva plan. Go back through the application and see if there are better choices that you can truly commit to.

Apply to Carlene's Rawk Starz Diva Program for the Obese
Enter Email
Confirm Email
The truth is while we all want fast weight loss, most can't sustain a tough diet and exercise program long term. Answer these questions honestly to make sure the Rawk Starz side of camp is the right one for you.
There is more than one question, as you answer each one another question or Carlene's advice will appear.
This side of camp is for the morbidly obese only. You have to have 75+ lbs to lose to join it.
This is Old style Raw Food Boot Camp, the same one all our 100 lbs in 7 Months Winners went through!
To do well in this strict program you really need to embrace the all or nothing mindset. If you can't put blinders on and run for goal, then you will do better in the Change With Carlene side of camp. You can still do the Rawk Starz diet and exercise, just not with as much pressure on yourself to always be so on top of it.

The Rawk Starz Diva Program is Not for You

You may do better on our regular side of camp.

However, If you think you can adapt the all or nothing mindset go back to the previous question and choose your answer again.

We have had women come to camp unsure of themselves the first month and then this run to goal mindset set in and they made it all the way. See CJane's 100 lbs in 7 Month Winning photos. She struggled and doubted the first month, but then she decided it was right for her and did it to win it.

Meandering along is the perfect mindset for the regular side of camp. There is push, but not pressure, and trust me, I will do my best to keep that push in your mind so you will have the success you want.

You can do the Rawk Starz diet and exercise plan, but then switch it if it gets too hard to a diet of your choice. I'll support you all the way through.

Trust me, you are a Change With Carlene type of gal!

The Rawk Starz Diva Program is Not for You

Okay, I'll tell you the right answer on why you think dieting has been so hard. It's when you say it's not hard.

But many have succeeded even though they admit food has been their lover and best friend. When they don't care if they are overweight they just want to fit in. They come and succeed even though they resent not fitting in or even think dieting is a temporary thing.

It's that resentment and those mindsets that make people quit. The Rawk Starz side of camp is hard, but it's even harder if you resent having to do it or already know you won't stick with it. It is because of this that I created the Change With Carlene program for our regular side of camp. Think hard about what you are truly willing to do to succeed.

If you want to continue the quiz go to why losing the weight has been so hard and select the option It's not.

The Rawk Starz Diva Program is Not for You

You may do better on our regular side of camp.

The Rawk Starz side of camp is an all in type of program. Carlene is going to give you her all, she expects that from you as well. You must treat the program like a part-time job. Be committed, not half committed.

Think about it. If you can up your commitment, the pay off is worth it. Carlene and the program are worth it. But to be honest, Carlene has a hard time working with people who flit in and out or who won't ask for support when they need it.

Commit and become a Rawk Starz Diva and win your money back by winning our big challenges.

The Rawk Starz Diva Program is Not for You

You may do better on our regular side of camp.

Based on the checklist alone, I agree with you. You probably do have the personality to lose 12-15+ lbs a month on a continual basis in our Rawk Starz side of camp..

To achieve this you need to work closely with me, make RFBC a part-time job and just accept that you are going to do this all the way to goal.

No excuses, no days off. Just here to get this done. No doubts or worries.

On the walking, if you want the big weight loss you may have to push beyond the 2 hours a day more often than not. I got this type of loss but I was doing 2.5 - 3.5 hours a day of hiking. The bigger walking with our strict Rawk Starz diet is what makes these big losses possible.

All results are dependant on your body and how it works, but if you follow through with the all the checkpoints you marked you have a high probability of winning our big challenges and hitting goal fast. We still have all the personal changes to go through, but when you do this diet with blinders on and just get it done, a lot of the changes happen in maintenance. That is how I did this.

Fast weight loss requires great commitment and dedication. If fast weight loss is important to you. Then you have to give it your all each and every day! The more you walk, the faster you will lose. Stick to the plan. Don't deviate. Don't add things off the plan if you want these results. I am telling you this from over 13 years worth of experience. Only those truly dedicated can do this program all the way to goal

Trust me, it's worth it!

Without your full commitment, Carlene's Rawk Starz Diva program is not right for you. This is truly a boot camp atmosphere with Carlene in drill sergeant mode. The only ones eligible for this program are those who commit 100%. Our regular side of camp is not as strict and may be a better choice.

Carlene wants to be sure you're ready for that commitment all 12 of the above checkboxes needed to be checked to ensure you are here to get it done. No excuses, no justifications, no time off!

Be honest. If you can't answer these correctly, then you will hate this program. Carlene has high expectations of everyone who joins this side of camp.

If you Can't Check all Boxes The Rawk Starz Diva Program is Not for You

You may do better on our regular side of camp.

It is important to Carlene that the women and men who join this program are thoroughly committed. For those who are committed to sticking to our Rawk Starz plan, the only deviation being no bananas, no mangoes or grapes. You will be expected to do your best each and every day. You can not take days off. You must participate in our daily discussions daily. No exceptions. No pretending you are sticking to our diet, be ready to face reality.
That's not to say you'll be kicked out if you have a bad day, but your incentive to push yourself, to get back up and to not make excuses count.
This is boot camp of old. This is how women have won our 50 and 100 lb challenges in the past. When you're done, you have to be committed to transitioning to maintenance with Carlene.
Carlene's goal is for you to beat obesity once and for all. Don't apply unless you are willing to give your all and treat this like a part-time job that matters.
You'll be working with Drill Sergeant Carlene. This program is only for the truly committed.
If Allowed to Join Carlene's Rawk Starz Diva Program
To prevent spammers and hackers from hurting our database none of the information gathered here is saved. It will be sent as an email to both you and Carlene. Please hold onto your copy.
Carlene reserves the right to select just those she believes will not only do the program but succeed in it. Returning members, don't assume because you quit before that you won't be accepted. I take everything into account. I will put more emphasis on how committed you were to camp and doing the diet as it is and walking than on how long you lasted.


Carlene isn't around right now, but will get back with you as soon as possible.


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