RFBC Fast Weight Loss Plans that are Healthy Weight Loss Plans

At Raw Food Boot Camp we are known for our fast weight loss plans. We have two diets we have been using for over ten years for obese women who are looking for fast weight loss plans, but insist they be healthy weight loss plans! These are our Rawk Starz and Rawkinator diets.

Jess is our only member who did our fast weight loss plans and dared to show her midriff. I’m showing you her photos so you can see that our plans are not just fast but they are healthy weight loss plans as well.

Jess Fast Weight Loss Plans Healthy Weight Loss Plan - Raw Food Boot Camp

Jess did our Rawk Starz plan with 2 hours of walking a day

Our Rawk Starz plan is a low fat, low sugar, low sodium raw food diet. It’s the same one I used when I lost my 136 lbs in 9 months. That’s me in the before and afters below.

Carlene Fast Weight Loss Plan Healthy Weight Loss Plan Raw Food Boot Camp

Fast Weight Loss Plans At Raw Food Boot Camp are Healthy Weight Loss Plans

If it isn’t healthy, it’s not allowed at Raw Food Boot Camp. With over twelve years of helping obese women lose weight fast with our Rawk Starz and Rawkinator diets, we know the difference our low fat, low sugar, low sodium raw food diet has on the obese when it comes to losing weight at a speed that motivates and with enough nutrients to keep the body energized enough to do that walking it takes for this kind of healthy weight loss.

Our Rawk Starz and Rawkinator diets are Whole Food Vegan diets.

Don’t run away yet! Trust me it is easier than you think and the results are so much better than even I hoped for.

Because most obese women have some form of PCOS, Insulin Resistance and or Diabetes, it is hard for us to lose weight period. Our low glycmic load diets release sugars into our liver slower and seem to bypass the restrictions these forms of imbalanced health issues put on our bodies when it comes to weight loss.

It is also thought that the gut bacteria from all the fruit we eat increases our lean gut bacteria while reducing our obese gut bacteria. And that the micronutrients and phytochemicals in fruit aid in better metabolism.

Our fast weight loss plans are a win-win when looking for not just fast but healthy weight loss plans.

My own personal blood work from before I found raw food and then again when I lost all my weight, made me believe that the liver’s role in obesity and many other chronic illnesses is greater than doctors let us know. By eating low glycemic load fruits and veggies, we remove the heavy strain on our livers and with how cleansing fruit is, our livers start to release some of that fat that has clogged them for years. A healthy liver regulates many hormones and it produces all those non-essential amino proteins we need for both physical and mental health.

There are downsides to Fast Weight Loss Plans

You didn’t think I’d go there right? Downsides? What kind of marketer am I?

An honest one. It is so important that people know the reality of their choices. There are 3 major reasons not to do a diet like ours.

  1. Hair loss

    It’s not just our diet, but it is all fast weight loss diets. Even ones from weight loss surgery. This varies for each person and yes, it happened to me. Luckily it grows back when you move to maintenance. We thought maybe it was lower protein, and while that may play a role, on weight loss surgery diets they are told to eat lots of protein and yet, they still have hair loss. It seems to be directly related ot fast weight loss.

  2. Gall Stones

    I did this to myself many years before I found raw food. It was back in 1990. I decided to give up fat in my diet. I even made my own bread with applesauce. No fat for a year. Then my skin started to get huge dry patches and I decided I better eat some fat. Of course, once I opened the fat gate, it was all over. I ate a 5 cheese burrito!! Needless to say I almost diet that night.

    Here’s what happens. Our livers produce bile and send that bile to our gall bladders. It sits there waiting for form the next pump of bile to enter our stomachs and aid in the digestion of fats. It’s not like streaming. We eat fats, our liver pushes bile into our bile duct and that force, that push, sends the bile-in-waiting into our stomachs. There lies the crux! Bile, when left to sit, starts to harden and become stones.

    I remember years ago a lawsuit filed against Jenny Craig for gallstones. It wasn’t Jenny Craig’s fault is was the dieter’s fault. You know before any of us go on a new diet we binge the night before.

    I’m not saying if you don’t binge the night before that you won’t get gallstones, what I’m saying is that they seem to be a problem with all lower fat diets.

    If you come work with me, I make you acknowledge this is an issue and don’t hold me liable.

  3. Gaining the Weight Back Faster than you lost it

    I’m sure you definitely didn’t expect me to admit to this! But it is true. Only 5-12% of us who lose the weight keep it off. I’ll tell you why.

    Once the weight is gone, dieters return to their old ways of eating. They think their bodies are cured. That is a big lie we tell ourselves because we hate dieting and see it as only temporary.

    Our fast weight loss plans give fast healthy weight loss, but our programs at Raw Food Boot Camp are all about changing your relationship with food so that once the weight is gone, you can keep it off. Every single day we work on how to change. How to break our addictions to fat, sugar and salt. We spend time fighting through emotions instead of eating over them and we stop giving into the whiny child within and her need for instant gratification.

Raw Food Boot Camp is About Healthy Diet Plans that can be Maintained through Life

If you want fast weight loss, you have to accept some truths.

You have to come to terms with the fact that to be healthy you must eat healthy…for life! I’m not saying continue a low fat, low sugar, low-fat diet. I’m saying that you have to learn to make healthier choices moving forward. That calories do count. Exercise has to become a lifelong habit and not something you do to fit into that bridesmaid dress.

You have to learn what foods call to you and why. What your weaknesses are and how you can stand up to them. You have to be willing to rewrite your food relationships, get rid of bad ones and create new ones.

To be thin and healthy takes work. Fast weight loss plans are great, but to maintain you must learn to take responsibility for your food and exercise. With the weight gone, plan to live on a healthy food plan forever.

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