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  • Foteen at Goal! September 18, 2014

    Foteen at Goal!

    FoteenGoalScaleFoteen took the longer road to goal. She decided early on that getting to goal was more important than running toward it. She has gone between our 100% raw diet and our Wholy Rawkers 50%raw diet. Has she been perfect? Nope. Has she been determined? You bet. She even took off 6 weeks for a European Vacation, and maintained her weight. We were all so impressed.

    By going slower, she has fought off most of her bad food behaviors and habits. She is starting maintenance today by upping her calories, just to 1400. Adding back in some foods she missed that stall weight loss like bananas and chickpeas, and bringing her exercise down to 75-90 minutes a day. This will be changing over the course of the next couple of months as we work toward finding her perfect maintenance diet and calories. She will likely loose another 5 pounds or so during this transition process.

    So here are the stats: 

    Foteen is 63 Years Old and 5 foot 3.

    She started RFBC on Jan 13, 2014 at 210 lbs.

    8 Months later with 66 lbs gone, she weighs 144 lbs.

    The photo of her in the red dress is beautiful. I can’t show you her face, but she doesn’t look 60, that’s for sure. She showed it to the women in camp, and boy they were impressed. She glows!


    As you may notice, there was a discernable crook in her back in the before photo which seems completely gone in her after photo. I asked her about this. She said that she has a slight scoliosis in her upper back and a problem with lumbar spondylolisthesis (mis alignment of L 3-4). She said she would get pain and numbness in her left leg due to the lower back problem, but now IT’S GONE! She called her new alignment amazing. 

    In full disclosure, a couple of months ago, she started taking a restorative yoga class, so how much of this was from the yoga, versus the exercise that she did as she lost the weight, and how much losing the weight had to do it, is up for discussion. Either way, it is amazing.

    Today in our discussion thread, which was all about her hitting goal. I asked her to share some insight. Here is what she said. Below this is a list of inches lost.  Oh, and on the dress on her treadmill wall? It didn’t fit right. It fit, but she made it years ago when her son was born, and things shifted too much since then, so she choose to be our lady in red!

    Here’s what she had to say:

    Wearing the imaginary crown and sash today!

    First of all, I LOVE this group, especially the group we have now…….the most real and motivated and inspirational bunch of women. You are present in my photos. I am reflecting you as much as me. Thank you again and again.

    I ran the gamut of all of Carlene’s diets. I chose Wholly Rawker because if I couldn’t do raw, I wasn’t failing and didn’t feel guilty. I love the way I feel when I eat 100% raw MOST of the time but some days I really needed beans or an egg. It worked for me to patchwork the plans.

    The two things that come to mind as the biggest keys to success (when I look at what lead me down the path to my highest weight ever) are the curfew and daily exercise. I was a secret night time eater. My husband goes to bed early and I often stay up very late watching television. I would have a snack then another then another.. Bad bad terrible mindless habit. The curfew simplifies my night…..easy… food. If I want something, it’s a cup of tea or a glass of ice water. Simple. The second is exercise. I love to race walk I used to compete 15 years ago and now I’m back in competition. I love my DVR – treadmill lady cave. I can watch old movies and comedy shows endlessly. It’s all about finding your groove. Some people have to go to a gym, some have to have nature. Figure this important key out and it is a big part of the battle. Don’t fight with the exercise just find out what works for YOU. 

    I plan to maintain at this weight for 3-6 months then possibly attempt to get down to 135. I am only 5’3″ so right now I am still not quite in the “normal” BMI but I am really comfortable at this weight and since I chose it at the beginning, I decided to stick with it. It feels great to be just a “little” overweight. 

    Thanks for all of your accolades. I feel like Queen for a Day (only people my age would remember that TV show)! Really , two days, because Carlene was waxing poetic yesterday, too. 

    Looking forward to the next Goal marker and big milestone!

    Here are her inches lost:

    Neck : 0.75 inches

    Under arms : 8.5

    Chest :6.5

    Under chest : 8

    2″ above belly button: 10

    Belly button: 7

    2″ below belly button: 12


    Left upper arm: 3                        Right upper arm: 2.5

    Above elbow:2.75.                         :2.5

    Forearm:1                                       :0.75

    Wrist: 0.25.                                      :0.25

    Upper thigh: 5.25.                           :5

    Above knee: 3.                                :3.5

    Calf:2.                                              :2

    Ankle: 0.75.                                      :0.75



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  • Foteens Goal Wall August 21, 2014

    Foteen’s Goal Wall

    One of the things we do at camp is put up reminders of where we want to go with our weight loss. I reference the yogurt commercial fo the girl walking by her itzy bitzy yellow polka dot bikini. 

    Foteen decided to put together a goal wall in her treadmill and scale room. I knew about the shirt, as I showed many a few weeks ago when she hit 50 lbs gone. I did not know about the rest of the clothes.

    Here is her goal wall:

    Foteen Goal Wall

    She told me today there is only one dress left to fit into. I guess that will be her goal dress, as she is just about ten pounds away. Do you see that shirt and pair of slacks to the left: They have hung on her wall since the beginning. Now look at them. No longer wall art but wadrobe:



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  • Foteens 50 lbs Gone Before and Afters July 7, 2014

    Foteen Hits 50 lbs Gone


    Foteen 50 lbs Gone Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

    Foteen Raw Food Diet Scale 50 Foteen left for six weeks in May for a European vacation. When she came back she had maintained her weight and was ready to move to this big milestone. Actually, she has hit three milestones. She has lost 3/4 of the weigh she came to camp to lose. She has entered into the 150’s, and she has hit 50 lbs Gone. These were milestones she set for herself and she is more than proud of reaching them.

    To keep her mind on the prize, at her scale, Foteen hung a blouse she wanted to fit into at goal, and she made a paper chain for every pound she wanted to lose. There are only fifteen more loops on that chain. What a count down! 

    Foteen does our Wholy Rawker Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day



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  • Foteen’s 35 lb Gone Before and After April 4, 2014

    Foteen has lost 10 more pounds since a month ago, and it is showing, or rather that weight is no longer showing. Check her back view out. Wow! Side too, but the back is the telling feature. Just in 35 lbs. Foteen is a bright light at RFBC. She has turned into an inspiration and mentor at camp. 

    Foteen's 35 lbs Gone Raw Food Diet Before and After

    Foteen is a Full Member doing our Butt Kicker’s Diet
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  • Foteen Earns her 25 lbs Gone Incentive Chip March 8, 2014

    Foteen is doing the Butt Kicker diet and walking her heart out. She walked in two Madi Gras parades, no alcohol, and one day it was freezing cold and raining! Way to go. She received a $25 coupon toward her next membership fee, and of course one of our highly sought after incentive chips. 

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  • Foteen’s 25 lbs Gone Before and After March 8, 2014

    Foteen’s 25 lbs Gone Before and Afters

    Congratulations Foteen. Not only have you lost 25 lbs, you also earned a $25 off coupon on your next membership fee. We are all so proud of you. What a big difference 25 lbs can make. Way to go.

    Foteen Raw Food Diet Before and After

    Foteen is a Full Member at Raw Food Boot Camp doing our Butt Kickers Diet
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