Free Hits 100 lbs Gone in 6.5 Months!!

Free as in our Rawk Starz Diva who hit 100 lbs gone on Monday. Her photos are below. Be inspired, be in awe. Be motivated. She did this in a little less than 6.5 months. Now, I know, not everyone has the diva mindset or wants to walk 2 hours a day, every day, so don’t let her big success intimidate you. Instead, look at these photos and think about your possibility. Your 100 lbs, even if it’s just 40 or 20. 

How much or how fast anyone loses doesn’t matter. It’s the effort, that personal best we’ve been talking about at camp, that desire to be here and get this done.
The possibility of being Free!
Camp is abuzz today over Free’s great transformation. HisTemple wrote that if she didn’t know her, she’d swear the photos were photo shopped. That, I promise, will never happen here.
As Tess pointed out in today’s all about Free discussion, Free teaches middle school. What an inspiration she is to her students. It is so easy to think tasks in life are overwhelming, that goals are too hard to meet, but then you look up and see your teacher change before your eyes. These children will never forget the example she has set.
The other day in anticipation of Free’s new before and afters, we talked about the reality of 100 lbs. How much is that really. Many of our women went out to experiment by lifting weights, sacks of dog food and even their dogs. Everyone agreed it was impossible to imagine carrying that weight daily. Some even pointed to family members and said, oh my, she lost the equivalent of my brother or two children!
Elain’s 105 lb daughter made her pick her up. She said she could barely do it, then added:
The only person I’ve ever known who accomplished a 100 lb loss did it with bypass surgery and several surgeries for skin removal.  For Free to do this by sheer conviction and being accountable every day elevates us all.  Makes our hopes and dreams somehow possible.  And it’s also motivating to realize that if Free has been carrying around 100 extra lbs, then I’ve also been carrying around the equivalent of my daughter. No wonder I was breathless walking up the stairs!
We did the discussion on what 100 lbs really is because Free didn’t seem to get what a huge accomplishment this was even though a few days before she had bought jeans five sizes smaller than when she started. Here’s what she wrote in our thread about her 100 lbs near the end of the discussion:
Carlene has gotten to know me over the past 6 1/2 months, and she knew that she would have to remind me that it truly is an achievement.  On one hand, I never thought I would be able to lose this much weight (I was destined to remain obese, I thought), but on the other hand, it’s easy to think, even now, that I’ve done nothing remarkable (anyone can do this, I’m not special).  

However, I believe I am wrong on both counts.  
1.  I used to think I couldn’t do this until . . . one day, I just believed.  I saw pics of other people doing it–Michelle was my greatest motivator.  I saw her progressing, and I thought, “why not?”  “Why couldn’t I do this thing that I never thought I could do?  Another human being is doing this, so why can’t I?”  So, I started.  
2.  Though I downplay the achievement, I am wrong.  I have done something amazingly remarkable . . . the same thing all of us here are doing in one another’s company. We’re daring to believe that we can lose the weight and then we’re willing to make what we initially think are sacrifices to achieve it.  But then we realize that our choices, though they might be hard, are not really sacrifices because we are receiving so much in return.  We’re finally starting to live the life we have desired–a life free of pain, free of the extra weight, free of the embarrassment, free of the health scares, free of defeat . . .
We are all so proud of Free. We are inspired by her steadfastness and focus to get this done. Free’s anniversary date for winning the 100 lb challenge is March 18th. She is heading out of the country to visit family and will be gone, so we have pushed her date out to the day she returns or the day after to ensure she stay strong during her vacation and not lose sight of all her hard work. Not that her family will let her when they see how amazing she looks!
I’d like to share what Krinkels, a maintenance member on our overweight side of camp, had to say to her group after seeing Free’s before and afters:
I think we all deserve a pat on the back!  Just for signing up to RFBC says that we want to Free ourselves of the misery of wearing a fat suit.  We obviously thought about it and knew we had the courage and strength to make a change.  Now we are here doing it and we are the minority!!!  Most people want to lose the weight and not even think about the emotions and even “exposing” ourselves to women we don’t even know.  That means we have to be accountable to them and also ourselves.  That is a HUGE accomplishment in itself.  Lets honor ourselves today and dig deep to get this done and reap the benefits like Free!!!
I so agree with Krinkels and Free. It does take courage to do what is being done at RFBC. But as you can see, through Free, it can happen if you are willing to find the courage to change. Thank you Free for leading the way.
Free does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

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