Free Hits 50 lbs Gone in 9 Weeks and Wins our 50 lb Challenge

Okay, okay, the 50 lb Challenge is a 12 week challenge. Free decided she’d get there faster. Just 9 weeks. Can you imagine? Like Michelle, Free has been perfect to her plan with both diet and exercise since day one. She has been focused and determined.  When we say Rawk Starz, we’re talking Free all the way!! I am so proud of her.

Check out these new before and afters! She is looking great. I think even she is in disbelief.

Frees 50 lb Gone Fast Weight Loss with Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

For winning the 50 lbs in 12 (9) Week Challenge. Free receives 4 free weeks of camp, a $50 coupon off her next membership fees and the ability to earn another 4 free weeks of camp.

Congratulations, Free!!

Here is what Free wrote yesterday after we all gushed about how great she is doing and looks! We were talking about the power of her Rawk Starz Diva challenge group:

When I reached about 20 pounds, I spent some time reading Michelle’s logs and others, and it hit me . . . wait, I could do this too!!  I was so challenged, inspired, and motivated to go and get it for myself.  I am only competing with myself . . . and we all have the same goal.  I have had some zero weight losses, but I learned from those who have been here longer than me that it’s normal and just to move on, so I didn’t think any more about it.  So much of this is in our head and we have to be willing to move ourselves to act and feel beyond what has been normal for us in the fat brain world.  But I keep coming back here for the support–I remember Carlene describing one time that she used to take individual clients, but they would not succeed like us in the group.  And I can believe it.  Carlene, you are amazing, but you know that we need everyone here to make this work.  So thankful that we have this group!!!  

Free does our Rawk Starz Diva plan with 2 hours of walking each day

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