Free Hits 90 lbs Gone in 5.25 Months

Free is right on track to hit her 100 lbs gone and win the 7 month challenge come March 18th. In fact, she will probably hit it in February. She was so excited this weekend. She was so close on Friday. She wrote and told me that on Saturday she would hit the 5 months 5 days it took Michelle to hit 90 and was close. On Sunday, 5 months 6 days she hit it and was thrilled. I think this is the quickest I have ever received her before and afters. 

That’s what we want. 90 lbs in and still on fire and excited for every pound. Free right now is doing both of our Diva groups. She is with Michelle, Jan et al in their long running Diva group, and joins in our new Diva 2 group to inspire and to stay motivated. Our new divas are loving her.

Great job, Free. Everyone is cheering you on to hit that 100 lbs gone and win the challenge. 

Frees 90 lbs gone fast weight loss with a raw food diet before and afters

Free faithfully does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 hours of walking a day, every day for 5.25 months now!

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