Free’s 70 lbs Gone in 16 Weeks Before and Afters

Free is following in Michelle’s, footsteps. She has been on plan since the day she started and has kept to it through these past 16 weeks. Tonight when she sent me her before and afters, she said she actually hit 71 lbs gone by Sunday night. Way to go, Free.

That sweater she’s wearing is a medium. Now that feels great. Smaller clothes make such a huge difference in how we feel about ourselves. Big time kudos, Free.

Free is a 100 lb in 7 month challenger. She’s got 3 months and 30 pounds to go. For her that’s easy peasy! 

Free 70 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

Free does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 hours of walking a day

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