Goalie at Goal with 80 lbs Gone in 5.5 Months!

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GoalieParisGoalie just couldn’t let her buddy, JeanJeanBean, move over to maintenance without her. In just 5.5 months, she dropped 80 lbs and hit her goal weight. She has been working on her new Maintenance in Training diet for the past week or so. She hit goal the very morning that she got on a plane to visit Paris. How cool is that!

We are all so very proud of her. The transformation of her body has been striking. In the photo of her at the Eiffel Tower, anyone passing by would never have guessed she had weighed 80 lbs more just 5.5 months ago.

Oh, and can you believe this. She went to Paris to visit her grown daughter who lives and works there. At first I thought I hadn’t heard it right, there is no way this beautiful woman has a grown daughter.

Here is what she had to say about her transformation. It’s not only about the weight!

GoalieKayakWhew!  What a wild ride it has been at RFBC!  When I started  at over 200 lbs I couldn’t walk down a set of steps without pain, and I couldn’t walk up a set of stairs without being winded.  Now I don’t even think about walking down stairs and when I walk up I try to do two steps at once, if I can.     Eating raw food and exercising everyday is no joke.  This plan works, you lose weight –and you gain health, physical and emotional. 

Reading my journal from my 6 months at camp, I wrote down every positive advice someone gave at camp, seeking an antidote to the negative voice in my head.  I think those positive thoughts pulled me through  some emotional barriers to experience the health benefits which grew exponentially—  because I lost weight my knee was feeling better.   Because my knee feels better I felt like I could walk for miles. And now, I can conjure up that positive voice, and recognize the negative one.  The discipline of eating so clean creates a surprisingly easy routine that supports your journey to well being by basically being its own reward.


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