Goalie’s 60 lbs Gone in 4 Months

Goalie didn’t start out as one of our Diva’s but when she decided to up her game, wow, has her progress been unstoppable. She hit 50 lbs gone just 3 weeks ago. Everyone at camp, when they saw her photos said she looked like a fitness trainer! How’s that for a compliment. And again, it’s just walking with our Rawk Starz diet. It’s amazing what this plan can do! If you do it.

Goalie is already taking on some mentoring of other members at camp. She is such a great asset for RFBC, always positive, always here. She is a shining example of what RFBC when done right can do for you. She says she wants to lose 25 more pounds, but it’s hard to see from where!


Goalie does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 Hours of Walking a day


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