Goalie Hits 50 lbs Gone in 14.5 Weeks

Everyone at camp loves, Goalie. And no wonder, she brings such a great attitude and spirit to camp. She is one of our divas now, but wasn’t when she started. She worked up to it, and still she hit 50 lbs gone in just 2.5 weeks longer than our big time challengers do. We, I, am so excited for her and beyond proud, not just of her loss but what she brings to RFBC.

You will notice again how her body is firming up. People knock our walking only method of exercise for weight loss, but you see it in our B&As. Our ladies prove it. Goalie is no exception. Look at her arms, those amazing calves, and how flat her belly has become. This is what fruit, veggies, and walking can do for you. You don’t see her face, but, there too, the transformation is amazing.



Goalie was so excited to show off her photos yesterday, St. Patrick’s Day. Her mom and dad came to the US from Ireland by boat. Every day when she walks, she thinks of her Mom who power walked the streets of New York City as she made a life for them in that great city. It was a touching memory she shared with all of us. And while her folks have passed, we were all sure, they too were smiling down on her great success here at RFBC.


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