Haley Hits 100 lbs Gone on a Raw Food Diet

Wow, 100 lbs gone. In 7 Months. On Wednesday Sept 2, Haley will win our 100 lbs in 7 month challenge, get her $500 Visa Card, be awarded her 4 Free weeks of camp, a coupon for $100 off her next paid for membership, and have the opportunity to earn free membership every 4 weeks by just losing 6 lbs each 4 weeks. We’re going to push so she never has to pay for camp again!!

Haley prompted some big discussions at camp this past week, as it hit her that even with 100 lbs gone she wasn’t done yet. It always feels like such a battle won when you hit such a huge milestone. But then the idea that there isn’t time to take a breath, that you have to keep going can feel overwhelming. But, we have women at camp who have been there, who have felt the same way, overcame and were more than happy to share that insight and support to push Haley past those thoughts and back into get this done mode.

When Haley sent me her photos today, she worried there was no change, but once she received her collage, she was very happy, as was I to see such a big difference in these last ten pounds. Wow, she looks great. I think as you look at this amazing difference these 100 lbs gone make you’ll see what our diet does. She looks so much younger, so much healthier, not just in her weight, but in her skin and her smile.


And those jeans. Size 16’s. CJane told her that after those first hundred are gone all the fun begins as her body takes shape, her clothes size drop faster than she could imagine, and the toning begins. You can already see that Haley is going to look amazing when she’s done.

Losing 100 lbs is hard work, fighting through all the doubts and fears, can feel overwhelming, but as Haley has proven, if you come to camp and ask for support, you will find that there is always someone around who has been in your shoes, knows how you feel, and can help you through.

This is why we love RFBC!

Haley does our Rawk Starz die with 2 Hours of Walking a Day


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