Haley Hits 110 lbs Gone!

Haley thought she was in that winner slump I talk about in the 100 lb Challenge rules, but she hasn’t. Here she is at 110 lbs gone, and heading to goal by the end of the year. She did have one little hiccup along the way, but overall, she has fought so many insecurities about whether she could accomplish this or not. Now I think she is starting to settle into this new her. The change is so dramatic. Those jeans on her that look so baggy, she just bought them a week ago and now they are too big.

Haley is now in the fun side of all this. CJane told her about it. It’s when every ten pounds gives you a new dress size, when shopping becomes so much fun, when you look in the mirror and daily see the difference. We are all so excited for her and are looking forward to her big goal win of the year!


Haley does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 hours of Walking a Day. 

She is a 100 lbs in 7 Month Champ at Camp!


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