Haley Hits 130 lbs Gone in 10.75 Months!

Haley started RFBC on Feb 2nd of 2015. Today, she is 130 lbs lighter. She has 15 lbs left to goal. Imagine that. Imagine you, next Christmas 130 lbs light, or even 150 lbs light, or for those with less to lose at goal! This happens at RFBC, if you work our program and don’t give up. Even Haley at times wanted to give up, but she didn’t and now look at her. We are all so proud of her, as I’m sure those who have watched her are too. Congratulations Haley. Job well done!


Haley did our Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of walking a day to lose 130 lbs in ten months.

To finish up her weight loss, for 2016 she is switching to our Wholy Rawker diet and adding toning to her daily routine as she prepares to make her way to a life long maintenance plan.

Haley won both our 50 lb Challenge and our 100 lb Challenge. And is about to finish off the greatest challenge of all, goal. Well, truthfully, maintenance is the greatest challenge of all, but we will be there for her every day for the rest of her life if she wants us to be! 🙂

Here is what Haley wrote to the ladies of RFBC after all their comments on Monday when we shared her before and afters:

Thank you so much everyone   I seriously really appreciate all of your really nice comments! It is so weird to hear people call me skinny and tiny, hahaha. I see and feel the difference for sure, but it is still a little hard to believe that people are saying that about me! But I also love it   This is so worth it you guys. I am just so glad that I did this, joining RFBC was seriously the best thing I ever did for myself. I look at my before pictures and I remember how horrible I felt, and I never want to feel that way again. EVER! Sticking with this, even through the struggles is just so worth it. NEVER give up!

I’m in a good place, my resolve is good and I am ready to persevere through the end of the month. I have really loved doing my walking lately, it makes me feel so great and gives me so much energy. I am ready to finish up the weight loss part of this journey and to move on to learning how to maintain this forever 


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