Haley hits 140 lbs Gone in One Year!

On Wednesday, when I put up Haley’s 140 lbs gone before and afters at camp, members kept coming back to the discussion thread to look again, and again, jaws dropped, eyes wide with grand inspiration.

I would love to tell you that Haley just focused and ran through her weight loss journey, but that wasn’t the case. She won our 100 lbs in 7 months challenge, then lost her momentum. She wanted to be done, and the idea of having to lose 47 more pounds seemed overwhelming. Well, check out her photos and read what she had to say to all of us who were in awe of her great success.


From Haley:

Wow, thank you SO much everyone   Your comments have totally made my day! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it a thousand times, choosing to join RFBC was absolutely, 100%, the best choice I have ever made in my life. I believe with all of my heart that I could never have done this anywhere else, and I will be forever and always grateful to every single person here for being with me and supporting me on this CRAZY, HARD, but AWESOME journey. I have had some very difficult times when I have almost given up and quit because for some reason or another I felt like it was just too hard, times when I felt like I was hanging on by a thread, but I just kept hanging on, I never let go, and it is so hard to believe that I have lost this much weight in a year. If anyone had told me a year ago that I would be here today I would have laughed in their face. I absolutely love my new body. I still have some things I want to work on. I still need to lose a few more pounds and then I want to work on getting stronger, but I am well on my way to having the strong, fit body I have always wanted. I seriously feel like now the sky is the limit  Every part of my life has been made better because of this diet, the walking, and all of the things I have learned at RFBC.  I started RFBC wearing size 3x in tops and a size 26 in bottoms. Today I went shopping and I was able to buy a size 9/10 in jeans and size medium tops, and I even bought one size small  This is absolutely crazy to me! I NEVER would have thought this possible, EVER! But here I am. Never give up ladies. If I had one piece of advice to give it would be just never give up on yourself. I am not special or different than anyone else. If I can do this, anyone can. Also, Carlene, you are my hero and I never could have done any of this without you. You saved my life.

Well, actually, Haley saved her own life. We guide, we encourage, we listen, but in the end, Haley did this for herself. And we are so very proud of her. I hope you are too.


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