Haley hits 90 lbs Gone in 6 Months – Fast Weight Loss with a Raw Food Diet!

Wow, Haley is rawking the 100 lb Challenge. She is set to win the 7 month challenge on Sept 2nd. We’ve been seeing her a lot lately in these before and afters. We do them in 10 lb increments, and her last 30 lbs have just melted.

Haley has stepped up as a leader in her challenge group and daily inspires others going after these challenges. She still has doubts here and there, but they are becoming weak whispers that have no affect on her ability to stay on plan.

I talked earlier about embracing change, about stepping up and courageously putting yourself somewhere you doubt you belong. Haley is a true hero in my eyes for doing just that each and ever day. She proves to us all that this is possible, that want can be bigger than doubt, and then she turns around and hands that courage to others as they make their way through their journey.

Thanks Haley for being part of RFBC and proving to the world that everyone can do this if they want it.

Haley  does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day


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