Do you want to come to RFBC just for the habit breaking?

To have accountability to women and Carlene regardless of the diet you are doing.

Join us!

All the same RFBC rules apply. You follow your own diet.

Be aware, our fast weight loss is based on our Rawk Starz diet and 2 hours of walking a day. You won’t see those kinds of results on most other diets. So don’t expect them or let the Rawk Starz ladies fast weight loss dissuade you from your goals.

If I find out you are starving yourself or living on juices or protein shakes, your membership will be terminated. I’m sorry. I can’t do unhealthy. In your contract with me you will need to agree that you will eat 1200 or thereabouts calories a day. Will eat real food not live on juices, protein drinks or fasting.

In your daily check-in, you will be required to show me your food for the day just like all our other ladies.

Please be aware that in our daily discussions, actually everywhere on the website, we never mention food by name because it is too tempting for others on stricter diets.

If you are doing a whole food plan that is low fat, low sodium and low sugar, I am more than happy to help you tweak it for the best results, but if you are doing some diet that goes against what I believe is healthy, you will be asked to keep that to yourself and just use us for changing habits.

Membership fees are the same, the membership is the same. Regular monthly membership of $139 or $189 for no photos. Participation is mandatory. When you start, you fill out a Starting Diet form, there you will explain your diet and exercise program to me and we will go from there.


Carlene isn't around right now, but will get back with you as soon as possible.


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