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Helping the obese beat obesity is Carlene’s passion. A fast weight loss plan that works for the obese and brings health was a dream come true for her when she lost her weight. And continues for those who follow in her footsteps.

This program is for those who want the same type of accountability and support as our Rawk Starz Divas, but aren’t able to do the full 2 hours of walking daily or our super strict Rawk Starz Diva Diet.

Don’t think Carlene won’t have the same expectations, because she will.

You need to lose at least 50 lbs to qualify for our Heavy Rawker plan.

Don’t be afraid of this program. Those of us who have been obese most of our lives need this type of discipline and fast weight loss plan to succeed.

Carlene’s tougher here, but still understands what you go through and will only hold you accountable, not judge or shame you.

A Program this Strict and Structured is not for Everyone.

Before you apply for Carlene's Heavy Rawker program, peruse the Raw Food Boot Camp website. Take our quizzes, listen to the free audios, maybe even join our Free program. Learn all about us and Carlene. You can read her weight loss story at I Beat Obesity.

Requirements to Join Carlene’s Heavy Rawker Team

  • You must have at least 50 lbs to lose to join.
  • You must do either our Rawk Starz Diet or our Wholy Rawker Diet.
  • You must walk a minimum of 1 hour a day in the RFBC 135-150 heart rate zone by the end of 1st Month
  • You must participate in our Heavy Rawker forum a minimum of 5 Days a Week
  • You must do before and afters. I will chop off your head unless you specify otherwise.
  • You must be able to focus. Put blinders on and get to goal. Take the Questionnaire below to see if you have the mindset to do well in this fast weight loss plan.
  • You must lose 6 lbs a month minimum to continue in this program
  • At 50 lbs Gone you must do a journey page for RFBC and at every 10 lbs gone add a short blurb to it.

Perks of Being one of Carlene’s Heavy Rawkers

  • After 1st Month as long as you continue losing you don’t have to do the daily check-in form unless Carlene or you think you still need that level of accountability.
  • Work with only those who are doing focused and determined to rid themselves of their fat suit.
  • True peer to peer support with other obese women living by the same tough standards.
  • Working with Carlene and her Heavy Rawkers as well as weigh-ins are the big commitment
  • Eligible for Monthly 6 lb Challenge, 50 lbs in 5 Months Challenge and 100 lbs in 9 Months Challenge

We Opened the Heavy Rawker Program on 6/11/2019
Before and Afters Of Current Heavy Rawkers!

These are some of the women you’ll work with when you join!




Be sure to Read all the Warnings of any and all Fast Weight Loss Plans
The Application is below them


There are side effects to all fast weight loss plans. Be aware of them and be prepared for them.


Detox happens for everyone. It happens somewhere between day 4 and day 10. It usually presents itself as a cold or the flu. Or you may experience extreme fatigue. Some who have been on heavy meds in their lives may break out with rashes.

Detox in our experience lasts about 4 days. You will feel like crap and think you are sick. You're not. Get through it and feel so much better when you're done.

Hair loss

Regardless of the diet you're doing, all fast weight loss plans cause hair loss. It will grow back, but it's a pain when it's happening.


Most people before starting a diet binge big time. Our diet is low fat and all vegan, so when you come from a high-fat diet to our low-fat diet there is a good chance you may develop gallstones. Make sure to check with your doctor. Gallstones are quite common with dieters. But they need to be managed and watched.

The biggest mistake you can make is having a high-fat day before starting our fast weight loss plan. No last hurrahs!

Loose Skin

This is the biggest fear expressed about this and all fast weight loss plans. I worried about this myself. Daily, I moisturized my skin with aloe vera gel and Suave's Elastin and Collagen moisturizer mixed together. My results were a quarter of what I expected and the truth is I didn't end up with loose skin, I ended up with wrinkled skin on my upper arms and inner thighs. Yes, I hated it, but it is easily covered with sleeves and longer shorts.

About halfway through your weight loss, you may panic. Your skin/fat will feel all loosey goosey. I call this the watery fat stage. It passes as you continue to lose weight, but be prepared for it.

Every body is different. Age, time obese, how obese, all play a role in how well your skin comes back. This is a major fear factor for many. My suggestion is you try it. Get to your goal weight and then decide. You will never know what the end product will be if you don't get to goal. If you don't like what you see, you do know how to gain the weight back.

Maintenance is Harder For Those Who Do a Fast Weight Loss Plan

No one truly expects to live on the Rawk Starz diet for life. Most want to transition to some other type of diet be it vegan or not. We have a maintenance program to slowly transition you to the lifelong diet of your choice.

But! Because you will lose your weight fast, practically with blinders on, you will bypass all the real struggles of weight loss. These struggles are vital in your ability to keep the weight off. Your first year, possibly two will be hit hard with all the bad habits you ignored, the cravings you ignored, and all the old ways of eating.

In maintenance, there is no scale reward for staying on plan. No next goal. This makes it harder to stay motivated to stick to your maintenance plan.

When you hit maintenance, you will have to work on the Change With Carlene side of camp to break those habits and the mindset that you're thin you can now eat however you want.

All fast weight loss plans are like this. Even weight loss surgery. You get your results fast, but you don't learn much along the way. Be ready and willing to stick around and do maintenance with Carlene.

Most believe thin means cured. It's just not the truth

The only true cure for obesity is to learn to take control of your food and eating issues. All or nothing types struggle with this. Be prepared for hard work long after the fat is gone. If not, you will gain all the weight back.

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